Iranian Singer Amir Tataloo Arrested in Turkey After Complaint from Tehran Consulate

According to music journalist Bahman Babazadeh posting on his Telegram channel, Turkish police arrested Iranian pop singer Amir Tataloo last night following a complaint from the Iranian consulate in Istanbul. Tataloo was transferred to a detention center after the arrest. The singer stands accused of verbally abusing members and staff of the Iranian consulate in […]

Shahrokh, Iranian Pop Singer, Dies of Cancer

Shahrokh was an influential Iranian pop singer who recently passed away after a battle with cancer. The pop singer was born in Tehran in 1953 to parents Isa and Narges.     Losing both parents at a young age, Shahrokh was raised by his older sister. He attended Bamshad Elementary and Marvi High School, studying […]

Debate about Savak and Parviz Sabeti

Ardavan Khoshnood, a political activist who defends SAVAK, is currently writing a book about the security apparatus before the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Introduced as an information and security researcher, he told Manoto TV that for the first time, he had access to facts after the Parviz Sabeti documentary. He says that there are few […]

Gonahe Fereshteh Serial

Gonahe Fereshteh Series On the eve of the broadcast of the series “Gonahe Fereshteh” written and directed by Hamed Angha, the logo of this series was unveiled. According to the public relations report of this series, the logo of “Gonahe Fereshteh” was prepared by Mehdi Mirbagheri, a prominent modernist graphic artist and painter of the […]

Daftar Yaddasht Serial Part 3

In the third part of the series, played by Reza Attaran, we get to know more about the characters. The character of Nazanin and her boyfriend, Amir, fits. We see Simin for the first time and the story gives us some new threads in terms of crime.

Sharike Jorm Serial

“Sharike Jorm” series, directed by Maziar Miri and produced by Homayoun Asadian, will be broadcast every Sunday at 12:00 pm (Iranian time) from December 12, 1402. The last collaboration between these two people was the production of the Eclipse series, which aired on the Namava platform. In the eclipse series, new young people appeared in […]

Touka Neyesgtani Cartoon Of Parviz Sabeti

Simultaneously with the broadcast of Parviz Sabeti’s documentary series, Touka Neyestani, who is a famous Iranian cartoonist during the reform period, published works by Parviz Sabeti, Farah Pahlavi and Yasmine Pahlavi. In the documentary by Parviz Sabeti, made by Ali Hamid, on Manoto TV network, references were made to the personal behavior of Gholamhossein Saedi […]

Neysan Abi 2 Part 1

We see Pari first meeting movie star Bijan Bonfshakhah. After that, Pari comes to care for Bijan’s mother. When the man leaves, Pari’s attitude changes and she becomes rude. Mehrdad is at the gym, working out. Jamshid and Reza are also at the gym, exercising. Police have come to arrest Jamshid and are waiting outside […]

Mordab Serial Part 9

Family tensions that have long been building erupt during a charged gathering one evening, setting off a dramatic sequence of events. The family drama stems from a web of jealousy, secrets, and complicated relationships between several members of this complex household. Sabaa finds herself caught in the middle of rising tensions between two potential suitors. […]

Bijan Rafiei, Magazine founder passes away

Bijan Rafiei, the founder and longtime editor-in-chief of Denya-e Varzesh, a leading Iranian sports magazine, has passed away at the age of 88. Rafiei launched the magazine in 1970 at the age of 31 with the support of Abbas Masoudi, the founder of Ettelaat newspaper. Journalist Reza Ghoftehkar confirmed Rafiei’s passing in a statement published […]

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