24 With Fardad Farahzad: Iran’s Uranium Enrichment in the Heart of the Vulture Mountains


Samira Gharayi, Iran International’s correspondent in the United States, reports from Washington on Farahzad Fardad 24 that the New York Times has published a report on nuclear activity in Iran.

The New York Times claim, which has been denied by Iran, includes explanations about some of the tunnels in Iran.
Biden’s trip to Israel has fueled these issues.

The former US military chief also claimed that Iran was increasing its power

The New York Times claims that commercial satellites also show these tunnels.

In program 24 Show with Fardad Farahzad, he also talks to Fardad Farahzad Farzin Nadimi as an expert and announces that the distance between the claimed tunnels is 187 to 248 meters.

What is the normal power of stealth aircraft? This is part of these claims against Iran.

Farzin Nadimi also says that in this case, there is almost no ability related to tunnels.

Tonight on 24

Iran’s uranium enrichment deep
under the Karkas Mountains

US and Israeli security
sources say Iran has excavated

deep underground tunnels
near the Natanz nuclear facility

The mysterious cargo
plane , the pilot and its Iranian

crew are still in the custody
of the Argentine police

Reports indicate that the plane’s crew was
in contact with the Revolutionary Guards

UN Secretary-General calls for respect for
freedom of expression and protest in Iran

Amnesty International
has also called on

Tehran to suspend
hand amputation orders

And the great revealer
of hidden documents on

the verge of extradition
to the United States

Julian Assange still has
a chance to reconsider

This is 24 from Washington
DC with Fardad Farahzad


Satellite images from Natanz nuclear
facility show the digging of tunnels

deep under the nearby mountains , the
New York Times wrote the Islamic Republic

is constructing
tunnels under ground to

transport part of the
enrichment facility

At Natanz nuclear facility,
American and Israeli sources say

Iran’s goal in building these tunnels
is to avoid Bunker Buster bombs

As you can see in the picture, this tunnel
was built in the south of the facility

And it probably goes as
far as the Karkas mountains

Which makes the possible
bombing of the place very difficult

Protecting against cyber
and hacker attacks is

another reason for the
transfer of these facilities

Deep down, it is said that the
United States and Israel since last year

observed these excavations in the
south of the Natanz facility

The Israeli Defense Minister
mentioned the existence

of these tunnels in a
speech just a month ago

Tehran is currently trying to install a
thousand advanced IR-6 centrifuges

They are also
building new facilities in

Underground tunnels ,
connected to Natanz power plant

It is said that with
the completion of this

tunnel, the main uranium
enrichment site in Natanz

Will be transferred to under
ground, My colleague

Samira Gharaei is here
and knows more details

as she’s followed the news published
by the New York Times

What does this report say?
Fardad, as stated in this report

This is an underground facility in
the south of Natanz, as you mentioned

And based on estimates
made by US security agencies

Iran is supposed to transfer
the Natanz facility and

the centrifuge section where
uranium enrichment is done

to this area underground
, of course, as you

mentioned, US security
and intelligence officials

And Israel has been
aware of this for a long time

Biden administration knows for a year that
Iran is building such a tunnel facility

But we have never
heard from US officials about it

Although the United States knew
that Iran had taken such an action

In Israel, too, Israeli security
officials mentioned the issue only once

another issue mentioned
in the New York Times report is that

These tunnel facilities are
years away from being completed

these facilities will not be
completed in the coming months

But now before Joe Biden’s
trips to Israel and Saudi Arabia

The New York Times has raised
this issue and that it may be

talked about during Biden’s
trip to Israel and in general

Gen. Frank Mackenzie, the former head of
Centcom, also spoke to the New York Times

He says that Iran is
taking these measures to

Use them as leverage
in negotiations and

The importance of raising the
issue of these facilities at this time

may be the United
States and Israel talk about this

I should also mention , the
New York Times article says

Tunnel facilities can be seen
through commercial satellite imagery

But in addition to this,
on the 13 January, 2022,

the Institute of Science
and International Security

Published a report by David Albright
and Sarah Burkhard in this report

The construction of this
tunnel was mentioned in detail

The title of the report
was , Iran’s Natanz

Tunnel Complex: Deeper,
Larger than Expected

And Israel estimates that this
tunnel facility is extremely large

Its depth is likely to be
unparalleled in Iran’s tunnel facilities

In the picture, we can
see that besides its

depth,it is right next to
the Karkas mountains

That is, they can probably
use the height of the mountain to

increase the depth, this
is actually what Iran wants

to do, by taking the
facility, now it’s nuclear

but we know about missiles and
ballistic missiles, they have done the same

Iran wants to protect itself from air
attacks by taking these under ground

Now here it is stated that this is
also in relation to cyber attacks

The centrifuges will be safe, if you
remember once the United States and Israel

attacked Natanz
jointly years ago

It was a series of
attacks called the Olympic

Games that shut down
hundreds of centrifuges

And now we have to
see this measure that Iran

has thought of, maybe
stops the air strikes

Even though the United States is
armed with Bunker Buster bombs

Israel is not armed with
them, but whether in relation to

Cyber-attacks the Iranian
centrifuges will or not will also be safe

They did not announce
the exact depth, but

Experiences that Iran has,like
Fordow at a depth of 90 meters

on the freeway between
Tehran and Qom, left the centrifuges there

In Natanz itself, they buried the
centrifuges at a depth of 8 meters

It is not clear exactly how deep
these tunnels are , but estimates

The US and Israeli security intelligence
is that they are very deep under ground

Farzin Nadimi, a security
defense analyst from

Washington DC has joined
us. Thank you, Mr. Nadimi

Before talking to Mr. Nadimi, I would
like to ask you this question as well

Iran is not very inexperienced in
underground facilities

exactly, they have
Fordow and also about missile installations

Twenty days ago, there was a place
called the 313 Strategic UAV Base

If you remember, it was exactly
20 days ago, that they revealed it

It was under ground, around Kermanshah,
Iran seems totally interested in

Keeping its facility
under ground to keep

them safe away from
air strikes and dig more

Mr Nadimi it is said the Israelis and
Americans have the equipment to bomb

Sites that are underground
but that depth that now

We are talking about and the
satellite images that we showed

It shows that the Karkas mountains
also with high altitude

help the facility to be
deeper, how much The current

military equipment in the
Israeli and American arsenal

If they take military
action, will be able

to destroy this mountain
barrier and tunnel?

it Makes the job harder
The difference is that

the mountain where
the Fordow facility is built

is about 960 meters high, while
this mountain that the facility of Natanz

is being built under is more than
1600 meters high and

If these tunnels
are built horizontally

In Fordow, the maximum
distance between the tunnels

and the top of the
mountain is 70 and 80 meters

here it is something
between 80 and 145 meters

Does it make the job much harder,
or impossible? I want to ask you this

Is there any conventional
non-nuclear equipment now

That can destroy a mountain , for example,
at a height of a thousand, as you said

and then reach
the nuclear facility?

I would also like to
make a point about the

distance between the
tunnels and the surface of

The mountain on the surface
next to the ridge of the mountain is

actually said to be between 78
and 145 meters in the new facility

And in Fordow facilities is between eighty
to ninety meters if I am not mistaken

At present, American B-2 stealth
aircraft can each carry two GBU-53 bombs

MOP,massive ordnance
penetrator, that can penetrate

up to 60 meters into
the reinforced concrete

But as I said, in these cases it is
about eighty meters below the mountain

Or it is a hundred meters
below the mountain, it

is not clear exactly how
much of this thickness

is reinforced concrete,
how much is rock and how much is soil

But the likelihood that they will be able
to penetrate with the current equipment

At least to the new
facilities,it is very difficult

for We know that the
existing facilities in Natanz

Watch:   Titre Aval: Was Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi looking for an atomic bomb?

Which is about eight
meters below the soil and

concrete , the main
enrichment halls in Natanz

So destroying them is not a big
deal with the equipment they have now

Israelis have GBU-28 bombs that can
penetrate concrete up to six meters

Of course, there is a new
bomb that has been made

It has smaller
dimensions and can fit

inside bomb case of
the F-22 or F-35 planes

they are also stealth planes,
and they can penetrate

reinforced concrete up to
ten meters, , but it is difficult

to Penetrate into these
very buried tunnels

under the ground and
in my opinion other than

by using tactical nuclear weapons
it is almost impossible to destroy

Mr. Nadimi, it has been a few
weeks now that experts say Iran

has almost no distance with the
ability to build nuclear bombs

We are seeing its missile tests, which
are intercontinental ballistic missiles

and satellite carrier rockets ,there are
concerns about its dual use

The issue of nuclear
talks has not reached

a point yet, we will
see in the coming weeks

Undoubtedly, both the
Israelis and the Americans

explore military options
Whether they use it or not,

When they see such
developments, in your opinion

In their thinking rooms, in the
places where they decide about

about the possible military reaction,what
do they say? do they say it is over?

And we can not even
respond to it militarily

And if it goes on, we have to accept that
this country has become a nuclear power

The ability to produce
enough enriched

uranium to make one or
more bombs is one thing

The ability to shrink the
design of a nuclear warhead

to place it on the tip of a
missile is another matter

In fact, both the Israelis and
the Americans almost agree that

It takes about two years,
but I think in less than that

Iran will be able to
produce a nuclear warhead

Of course, there is still
disagreement about this

tunnel. The Americans
believe that this tunnel

May only be used for the
production of centrifuges

The Israelis are worried that no,
about a thousand IR-6 centrifuges

If put here, it will make
the job much harder.

We know, for example,
about the project of

Production of enriched
uranium, the AMAD project

which Israelis took the
documents from Iran

it was supposed to be
two parallel projects

one apparently civilian
at the Natanz facility

to enrich uranium to three percent, then
the same uranium at the Fordow site

be enriched from
three to ninety percent

with a few cascades
of 3,000 IR-1 centrifuges

now they can do this much faster by IR-6

Farzin Nadimi a
defense and security

analyst in Washington
and here in the studio

My colleague Samira
GharaEi, thank you both

Argentina is still
investigating the

mysterious Boeing 747
plane which its 19 crew

members, including 5 Iranians,
since last week in suspicion of being

operatives of the Revolutionary Guards
it has been confiscated in the country

According to information
released about 10 days ago

The plane flew from Moscow to
Tehran and from there to Belgrade

And after stopping at Asparagus in
Cape Verde, flew to Cortaro in Mexico

From there,
went to Caracas in Venezuela

it is said that this
plane before confiscation

had visited the Venezuelan
capital three times

It also had stopped in Mexico and Paraguay,
the Israeli embassy in Argentina said

The pilot of this plane,
Gholamreza Ghasemi, is a member

of the IRGC and is accused
of transferring weapons

To Hezbollah during
the Syrian civil war

Another crew member
was also said to be the son of

Ahmad Vahidi, Minister of Interior
of Iran, who according to reports

was involved in The bombing of a Jewish
center in Buenos Aires about 30 years ago

And resulted in the deaths
of at least 80 people

The names and details of
the two crew members are not

included in the documentation
provided for the aircraft crew

One of them is probably the son of Iranian
Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi

Who is wanted by Interpol
for attacking a Jewish center

A claim denied by Argentine officials, and
attributed to nominal similarities

Argentine federal police
on Tuesday at dawn

raided the hotel where
the crew was staying, the

police seized 18 mobile
phones and 7 tablets

It is said that the five
Iranian crew members

of this flight are related
to the Quds Force

And are responsible for covert
operations outside Iran’s borders

Listen to the manager of the
hotel where the flight crew was staying

Police came to get
information about the flight crew

crews usually come from Ezeiza
Airport and we usually have no problems

But now the authorities
have closed the

whole area, saying that
no one can leave here

It seems that the confiscation of
the Iranian cargo plane in Argentina is

turning to be an important issue, my
colleague Gelareh Hon has joined us

Tell us more, this story
sounds like cinematic stories.

What do you know about
this plane and its crew?

Yes, Fardad, it has been
ten days that the crew

of this cargo plane are
grounded in Argentina

Two days ago, at dawn, the police
raided the hotel of the crew

and seized the passports
of the crew members of the plane

who are 14 Venezuelans and 5

Their electronics, including laptops
and 8 tablets and their personal phones

were seized and still the
case is pending, there are too

many doubts about this case
despite Argentina denying

The connection of this cargo plane
with the Revolutionary Guards, however

News sources reported actually
threatening signs and reg flags and

say that this
passenger plane actually has

Four things can be
clearly mentioned

News sources say that other than
the route of the plane and

And the route you mentioned
that flew from Moscow to Tehran

and to Mexico , the cargo it had
was automotive components and it tried

To go from Mexico to Venezuela ,
What they mentioned first is that

Emtrasur Company basically does not
have more than three planes and all three

were bought from Mahan, Mahan is a
company that according to security sources

of The United States, has
been involved in terrorist activities

And it has had a lot
of cooperation with the

Quds Force, another
issue that is mentioned

is the base of Emtrasur airline,
which is said this air base

is basically military and
it does not make sense

that a cargo plane
fly from a military base

Another issue is the number
of crew members of this aircraft

One of the reasons for
the suspicious activity

of this cargo plane
is that it has been said

This number of crew was very
strange for a cargo plane in this size

this aroused the suspicion
of airport officials at Paraguay Airport

It looks like just minutes after
this plane left the Paraguayan sky

Airport officials sent the report
to Argentina which was the

next destination of The
plane but due to delays in

reporting And other issues
that were not mentioned

Two Paraguayan airport
officials were fired, including

The head of Paraguay Airport,
news sources said that

Perhaps it is Iran’s
attempt to expand its sphere

of influence to the
borders of the United States

There are many unknown
points, as you said

All issues related to this
aircraft are really questionable

But at the same
time, the Argentine

authorities do not
seem to be able to or

want to say emphatically
that the crew on this plane

on The trip to Buenos Aires were all
involved with the Revolutionary Guards

Certainly not, even
an Argentinian official denied it

But they announced that
they are still investigating

Research in this area is ongoing
and there seems to be evidence

which is so well established that
this issue cannot be ignored

News sources reported these red flags

And it seems base on
Iran’s recent activities in Venezuela

And new business ventures
that seem to be intensifying

This seems to be a new
chapter in Iran’s cooperation

with countries near
the United States

And may be an effort
that Iran is making to

reach the American borders
According to American news sources.

Thank you my colleague Gelareh Hon

Well, we have live pictures of Nashville in
Tennessee where Donald Trump

Former President of the
United States in the ceremony

of The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s
Road to Majority is speaking

let’s hear parts of the former
US president speech

so we take off 500
million dollars, I said

no, it has got to have
3 on the front of it,

he says we are not doing it I am
telling you,next day he calls back

we take another 5, I said no it
has got to have 3 on the front of it

What happens is 2
months later I get a call

from Boeing , I wondered
what the hell he wants

yeah, called me again and
he said sir we will do the deal,

I said what is the price And
he said what you want

He said 3
million 999 thousand 999 cents

I said you have a deal,
so that was 2.5 years ago and now Boeing

Watch:   Charkhe Shans Part 29

is complaining that the
deal that Trump made was

too good and they are
gonna loose 600 million

dollars and they want
to renegotiate the deal

and I told the Biden
administration don’t do it

they made a deal, don’t
do it but they will, they will

They will make the deal,
it was a very good deal,

Some of its colors are darker, which
is why it is so much more beautiful

They said we could not do it,
because it would be very difficult

They said what happened, they
said that the government administration

ofd Biden said, “Okay, so we’re
going back to the previous colors.”

We choose childish blue, and another
thing we did, was the rule of Israel

We recognized it on the Golan
Heights. No one thought we would do that

I did so much What I did for
Israel, no one else did for Israel

I told those who loved Israel
that what were the most important

thing we could do for Israel,
first it was the Golan Heights and

And in fact, that one other
issue is the issue of the embassy

and I said what was more
important than them and he said

that the most important issue
that you did was to tear down

the nuclear agreement with Iran
and to destroy that agreement.

And that’s the best thing you have done
for Israel, and now they’re doing it and

they’re renegotiating to get this deal
back, this is going to get China back.

and He is buying oil and he is getting
richer and he is improving his situation

These people are stupid, we put America
first, we put America first and we worked for

America, look, compare America with two years
ago, and today, how it was two years ago.

The state of inflation and
the state of war The state

of Ukraine would not
have happened if it were me

And the higher price of gasoline,
that we are spending so much on gasoline

If it were me, we would have left
Afghanistan with dignity, not with the

situation that we surrendered there
and left with that very bad situation.

The day we left Afghanistan
was the worst day in history

I did not lose
even one soldier there

I was talking to the Taliban at
that time and they got angry about

why you are talking to the
Taliban. I told them that these are the

ones who decide. Just like Jesse
James said why are you going to the

bank? he said i’m going to the
bank cause all the money are there

And the great Jesse James actually, I’m
saying Billy the kid and Jesse James and

And Al Capone, the legends of these,
we have to put them all together and

multiply by five, and I was researching
this issue more than those stories, and

Well, you hear the forty-fifth
President of the United States, Donald

J. Trump, from Nashville, Tennessee.
As you heard, Mr. Trump referred to

Achievements achieved during
his rule in the United States

Including the recognition
of Israel in the Golan Heights

Relocation of the US Embassy in
Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

And most importantly, he said
he tore up or canceled the Iran

nuclear deal, which he believed
was the biggest help to Israel.

Criticizing the ongoing negotiations
and the Biden administration’s efforts

to return to the nuclear deal, he
said that there was now an opportunity

for Iran to sell its oil, especially
to China, in terms of Afghanistan.

he said taht the escape from there
was Regretfully, how they left there

And just as the day the
Americans left Afghanistan

was the worst day in
history in believe of the

45th President of the
United States, you see live

images of Nashville,
Tennessee, Donald J. Trump

Amnesty International has
called on the head of Iran’s

judiciary to end all forms
of corporal punishment

under Iranian law, including
amputation of fingers, and

to treat prisoners in
accordance with human dignity.

Amnesty International’s
letter following the news of the

imminent amputating the
fingers of eight prisoners in Tehran

And was written by the warning
of the Boroumand Foundation,

earlier Arash Sadeghi, a former
political prisoner, on Twitter

told about The transfer of a guillotine-like
device to Evin Prison was probably with

the aim of enforcing the sentence of
amputating the fingers of several prisoners

The UN Secretary-General
also called on the

Islamic Republic to
form a fact-finding mission

Allow an impartial inquiry into
the use of excessive violence during

protests and prisons. Antonio
Guterres statement called on the

Islamic Republic to immediately
release those detained for exercising

their right to freedom of
expression and arbitrary assembly

Guterres hoped that Iran would heed the advice
of human rights organizations and reporters

Hussein Raisi, a human
rights lawyer and professor

at Carleton University
in Toronto, is with us

Mr. Raeisi, it is
unbelievable that in 2022 one

would talk about a guillotine
that would cut off the

fingers. Why are the
officials of the Islamic Republic

doing this despite these
international pressures?

Yes, it is also completely
unbelievable that

for more than 50 years,
even Iran has acceded to

the Convention on
Civil and Political Rights,

according to which
one of its explicit articles

Execution of any inhuman cruel
punishment on the body like a whip

Amputation of hands,
stoning, amputation of legs are

forbidden and not only is it
forbidden, and even any country

that is a member of this
international treaty has not

the right to legislate to
carry out such punishments.

The Islamic Republic not only does
not fulfill its international obligations,

but also insists that I legislate in my
own country and do whatever I want.

While this is contrary to human
principles and is contrary to

even some of the issues and
regulations that exist inside Iran

And even parts of the
constitution even we can say

However, there are conflicts in the
constitution that can be confirmed

Such behavior, in today’s
world in terms of the principles of

criminology and the principles
of criminal law and criminal policy

And criminal policies are by no
means oppressive, punishments

inflicted on the body and
humiliating punishments.

Not only is there no benefit to society, but
it clearly causes people to become disabled

And in a situation where we
have economic misery that

results from corruption,
sanctions and many other issues

And the number of financial
crimes, especially theft,

is increasing. It is natural
that such punishments

will not have any effect
in terms of criminology,

crime reduction, prevention
and security for society.

Mr. Raisi, for example,
there had been cases

that at least reduced
the number of executions

sentences, such as
stoning, finally stoning was

increased at the
beginning of the revolution.

now they rarely do issue such a
sentence . Why about retaliation?

Why about amputation of fingers?
Amputation of feet? blinding?

why the international pressure
has not effected these ?

The Islamic Republic is in no
way responsive to international

pressures, including the UN
human rights mechanism in this area.

What changed the rules
of stoning are the views

that are more prevalent
in Sunni jurisprudence

And it is also current in Shiite
jurisprudence in such a way

that in all cases it is not possible
to implement Islamic limits

Especially where the implementation of Islamic
boundaries leads to the fallacy of Islam

What caused the stoning to stop
was clearly the deception of Islam

It was this word that said that
the implementation of the rules

of stoning caused the deception
of Islam and insult to Islam

Islam’s inferiority to Islamic rules and
Sharia rules, so they refuse to implement it

But the death penalty is
appropriate for it. In any case,

now in the world it is
completely illogical to accept

that someone is punished for
having sex with consent. Now

he is also sentenced to
death or in the form of stoning.

Therefore, the reason why the Islamic
Republic continues to insist on it is that one

actually considers itself a margin of
safety and does not want to retreat at all.

While Article 9 of the
Iranian Civil Code states

that any international
law that Iran has accepted

When I say Iran, I do not
mean the Islamic Republic,

if the previous
governments had accepted it

In this case, they accepted,
because the legal personality

of the government is transferred
to the next government,

the next government must
implement, so it must rely

on and must comply with
international regulations, but

Because these are the rules of
repression, it continues to be so

Thank you Hussein Raisi,
a human rights lawyer

and university professor
from Toronto, with us

After the British Supreme Court agreed to
extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to

the United States, the British Interior
Minister has now signed an extradition order.

This is not the end. Assange still
has 14 days to appeal the decision

Julian Assange’s wife Stella
Assange says today is a dark

day for freedom of the press
and democracy in Britain

Watch:   Otaghe Khabar 2022 June 19

A foreign power relied on
the crimes that Julian exposed

Crimes that were not
prosecuted and only hidden

Julian has done nothing
wrong. He has done everything.

Every journalist who
respects his work should do it.

When a journalist has
evidence that he should publish

if the government commits
crimes of corruption, this

duty to the people and
Julian’s duty to the people

has already imprisoned
him for more than three years.

Australian journalist Julian
Assange leaked hundreds

of thousands of US
government classified documents

and because of that he
is wanted. documents that

Americans say endangered
their national security

It has been years since WikiLeaks
released a video of an American

helicopter shooting at several people
on the streets of Baghdad. One of

the victims was Reuters journalist
Namir Noureddine. the release of

this vedio on that time became a
major news and political controversy

Who has been involved in various
lawsuits in the UK since 2011

He sought refuge in the
Ecuadorian embassy for

fear of being extradited
to the United States

He lived in this embassy for nearly six
years and was eventually arrested upon

revocation of his asylum and is still
being held in Belmarsh Prison, London.

About a year ago, Yahoo News revealed
that the US government, during the

presidency of Mike Pompeo over the
CIA, planned to kidnap and even assassinate

Assange, bringing Assange to the USA
will be one of the most controversial cases

on freedom of expression and freedom
of the press and bring it to a new stage.

Detroit Michigan Journalist
Mr. Memarian is with us. This Assange

story is really one of those weird
and bitter stories for journalists.

And often those who criticize the state of
freedom of expression in the West even say,

“Look at what they are doing to Assange in
one of the cradles of freedom of expression.”

In any case, in the United States,
as you well know, people can

publish even the most confidential
and highly confidential information.

If, for the sake of public
opinion, we had various

cases, for example, in
which people came to publish

information, but if the
people themselves had a role

in obtaining information, it
would be a crime anyway.

In cases where individuals leak information,
those who leak information are responsible

for being legally accountable to the
institutions that published that information.

In Mr. Assange’s case, what
is very complicated is that

Anyway, they say that the US Army
security officer named Chelsea Manning

that leaked the information . In fact,
there were hundreds of logs of contact

with a WikiLeaks person who says that
he is Mr. Assange and talked to him, so

It is said that this person conspired to
get information from Chelsea Manning, the

American security officer, and that is
why this is a crime in the United States.

Now it’s a legal debate about
how to access information

But the issue of freedom of
expression, and the fact that the leaked

information has led to some
misconceptions in the United States,

is also relevant. Many freedom
of expression associations believe

that this is contrary to the First
Amendment to the US Constitution.

And in terms of the form of the
case and in terms of the formation

of the case, the events that took
place in these ten or twelve years

I think it is one of the most
complex cases we have

in the field of freedom of
expression and the press

And if his extradition is finalized,
he will come to the United

States here and be tried. this
influence is not only on WikiLeaks

And Mr. Assange’s
personality with no dobt. it will

effect on journalism in
general isn’t that ture ?

This is certainly the
case. In cases involving

leaks of confidential
government information, it

will certainly have an
impact. The issue of their

extradition is still a
complex issue because

First of all, there are very
few cases for England that

can not return him, for
example, one of them is that

If a person has been returned from another
place to the UK, they can not do this well

Secondly, if their extradition causes them
to go to the destination country

There, their legal rights are not respected
or they do not have fair access to court and

things like that, which according to the
English court are such legal procedures, and

He will have access to justice
and will not be abused, but the effect

is to argue in the United States
anyway that this is a progressive

behavior by government agencies
that are working harder and harder

to protect government information,
and In a way, in fact, the courts

The field of activity and the field of
operation of the press, or now the press

definition is someone who writes
a blog or is online, so in my opinion,

one of the reasons that many
organizations oppose this issue and

many publications look at it is
that this issue should be considered.

The first amendment to the Constitution
is about freedom of expression

Look at it from that angle, which
is why they see it in the context of

a bigger project, a bigger File, a
bigger approach in the US government,

which over the years has tried to
use legal channels in some places as

much as it can. And prevent the
publication of news related to corruption

Or take other things and
confront those who are involved

in this process with very
large legal Consequences.

Thank you Omid memarian Journalist
Journalist from Detroit Michigan with us

A few hours ago, the US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) authorized the injection

of two vaccines, Covid-19 Modern and Pfizer,
for children under five years of age.

The organization allows the Pfizer
vaccine for children 6 months to 4

years old and the modern vaccine
for children 6 months to 17 years old.

Previously, the Pfizer vaccine
was allowed for people over 5

years of age, although Pfizer
had been allowed for children

aged five to 11 for about
eight months ago. According to

statistics, only about 29% of
this group was fully vaccinated.

Following the news, Moderna
shares rose one percent

while,Pfizer shares fell 1 percent
in trading on Friday morning

Mohammad Kazem Attari, a physician and social
medicine researcher from Washington, D.C.,

is with us. Mr. Attari it is more controversial
about children when parents have to decide

Our report also noted that
a significant number did not

do so and did not vaccinate
their children.How much do you

think this FTA approval of the
US Food and Drug Administration

can reassure parents to
vaccinate their children?

Let me first say that this is very
important because what we saw during the

covid and Corona was that children played
a key role in transmitting the disease.

While they themselves did
not have the symptoms, they

did not have the symptoms
but could transmit them.

So if this vaccination is
done and there is a situation

where this chain is stopped
in children, in fact, we

have made a great progress
even in transmitting the disease

to adults, now that this
reception is currently low.

After the covid stream,
unfortunately, not only for the

vaccination of covid and
Corona, but also for actually paying

attention to different areas
of health, unfortunately, the

families did not care about
the importance that it had before.

Mr. Attari, regarding the transfer that
you say, we also saw with our close

friends and colleagues that there
were many people who were vaccinated.

And still getting the virus
and even transmitting it I

want to ask how a 5 year
old child getting vaccinated

can prevent the virus from
being transmitted to this

other person because he
can still get the virus right?

It can actually get it, but it has a lower
risk of death and serious complications

And it has been shown that this vaccination
can also be effective in reducing

the transmission chain, at least as
we have seen when vaccinated globally.

And in some countries
in particular, significant

statistics were reached,
and at the same time

the good omicron
strain, which had less

pathogenicity than the
previous strains, was spread.

We saw that this death
and its process stopped

And now, despite the
fact that the infection may

occur, we no longer see
those serious and deadly

complications, so it
can also be effective in

reducing complications
if someone is infected.

And that it has an impact
on the transmission chain

That is why good
vaccination is so important

But the fact that the reception has
decreased, unfortunately, now the

situation is such that if the risk
and feeling of danger in families

decreases a little, the reception
will also decrease, as we see the

reception of the third and fourth
doses in adults now, it has decreased.

Thank you Mohammad
Kazem Attari, physician and

social medicine researcher
from Washington DC with us

And with this, we will reach the end of
24 tonight. Thank you for your company

We end this program with
live images of Chicago

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