Adı Sevgi Episode 12 English Subtitles


Elif calls Amir but he can not speak and he faints.

Amir, worried, goes to Elif’s house and forcibly opens the door and notices that the gas valve is open.

He calls the emergency services. A minute later, Elif and Belkiz are sitting in the ambulance with oxygen masks on their faces. Amir talks to the police. The police say that all four gas flames are open, it is a little suspicious.

In Akram mansion, Vulkan reads personal messages on his mother’s phone.

He goes to Majedeh and says why did not he tell her earlier that his father has a son from Belkiz? That’s no problem,

Because Belkiz is going to die tonight. And he finds the boy and does not allow them to survive. Shokran hears Majeda and Vulkan’s words and is terrified. Someone sees him and asks why he is afraid. Shokran says that Vulkan has understood everything. Someone says that he should not worry and uses his fear, and when this house collapses on the heads of the bikaras, they have fun with their money.

He texted an address for Majedeh and wrote that he would be there for four hundred thousand liras tomorrow, and this was just the first installment. Vulkan read the message and told Majedeh that the two would meet tomorrow.

Asma is crying at home next to her father, mother and grandfather and says that even Amir has reconciled with Leila and why he can not communicate with the two lawyers? His mother says that they can not say anything and he must understand the issue. Asma’s grandfather says that he has made his choice and now he has to stand up and forget about his two lawyers.
Two lawyers walk in front of his mother Leila and say that Asma’s family does not want her because of her father’s wrongdoing. Leila asks him to be a little patient. they give.

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Tomorrow morning, in Akram Mansion, Vulkan asks his mother if he has matched the money. It is not and they have to find a clue about that boy through this person and then think about money.

They go to the yard to get in the car. At the same time, a car enters the yard and Akram gets out of it.

Happiness embraces him and the people of the mansion greet him. He says that everyone should gather in the backyard and wants to talk to them about Ismail. Akram talks about work issues in the backyard.

Who has set up a charity festival and to run this city not with violence but with love.

Akram goes to his room and looks for Belkiz’s photo. Majeda enters the room and fights with him.

Leila hears their voices and calls Amir and says that everyone in the house is talking about Belkiz and is afraid that they will understand the story. Amir says that he should not worry and gives him the address of the restaurant where he is sitting. He tells her to come there. Leila goes to Amir’s restaurant.

Amir assures her that no one understands anything and whenever the time is right, they tell the story to Dookan and Belkiz. Leila says with stress that He can not give his son to his brother and Majeda and Vulkan kill him.

Amir says that it is the decision of the two lawyers and Belkiz to tell the story to Akram. Leila says that the two lawyers should not understand that he is the son of Akram and Belkiz.

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At the same time Akram, who is informed through Judet that Leila and Amir are in the restaurant, comes there angrily. He hears Leila’s words and shouts that it is true?

Leila starts crying. Amir confirms and He asks her to calm down and sit down.

Akram shouts how calm he is and leaves.

At the same time, Elif calls Amir and tells him Asma’s story. Amir hurries to Elif’s house.

He goes and talks to Asma. He says that there are issues that he never understands and should not be related to the two lawyers. Asma does not accept and leaves.

Alif asks Amir to tell the truth to Asma and she is not a girl. Amir says that he can not and he must stop supporting Asma so that he will have to go home and tomorrow he will follow Asma to take him.

Leila goes home after Akram. She cries and begs Akram and says that Ismail had told her that she had brought two lawyers from the village and she did not know the truth, even when she found out that she was a mother and did not want her child.

Akram says that they lied to him for years and did not even say that he had adopted two children.

Leila begs him not to say anything to the two lawyers. Akram asks that Belkiz knows?

Leila says that Belkiz was told that the child was dead and that is why she was depressed, because she did not believe him and said that she heard the baby crying, but Amir and Elif want to tell him the truth at the right time.

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At the same time, Dookan enters the room and wants to talk to his uncle. Leila says that it is not a good time at all and they should leave. They have to leave this house to see that his family is not part of the Bikaras. Leila says that with Ek

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