Adi Sevgi Series Part 11 English Subtitles


Leila, who is talking on the phone, finds out that Shokran has heard her words.

She reprimands Shukran. Shokran says that she is also a mother who has raised her children alone and does not intend to judge. After Leila Shukran leaves He sits on the bed and says to himself:  Akram baby shop, Majideh, if he hears this, there will be a war in the house》

Majideh had a meeting with one of her managers and ordered that Akram be brought from Azerbaijan as soon as possible, and at this time when Akram was not there, they knew the friend and the enemy well.

Shukran goes to Majideh and tells her that he has important news about Leila.

At the same time, Leila sees them and comes to them and asks Shukran what she is doing. Majideh asks Leila what she heard is true? Has he gone to Amir? Leila asks Shokran, did he say that? Majideh says that when Akram returns, everyone will leave and get lost.

Vulkan goes to Zainab in the high school bathroom and threatens her with a gun and says that he should come with her. First they go to Istanbul and then they leave the country. Zainab says that she hates him and how to live with him? Vulkan says. The distance between love and hate is a narrow one and if he lives with her for a while, he will know her. Vulcan says that he is a good person and Zainab does not deserve his goodness. Which kills anyone who gets in its way.

Amir is sitting on a bench next to Elif in the high school yard. Alif says that he is sick but he can not go home because he is waiting for Zeinab. Amir tells Massoud to wait for Zeinab to arrive. Amir takes Elif home by car. .

Vulkan comes out of the bathroom with Zeinab. Massoud is standing in the doorway and Vulkan knocks her back with a gun.

Gol Andam and Asma see Vulkan stealing Zeinab and Dukan tries to stop them but he can’t. Asma calls Amir and gives him the news. Amir, who is with Alif in the car, walks away. Zand follows Vulkan. Some time later, he sees Vulkan’s car on the road and chases it. Alif blames himself for not leaving Zeinab alone.

And in two days Zeinab would divorce Vulkan and everything would be over.

Amir blocks Vulkan’s car with his car ‌. Zainab gets out of the car and runs towards Amir ول. Amir himself tells Vulkan to go and he and his father have lost and the reason is the darkness around them. Vulkan tells his uncle that if he comes forward he will shoot him. Amir also says If he wants to take Zeinab, he must first face her body.

Vulkan shoots Amir and takes Zainab, who calls Amir’s brother crying.

Elif goes next to Amir. Amir hardly tells him to get in the car and follow Vulkan. At the same time, Dukan arrives and helps Elif to take Amir to the hospital.

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Vulkan puts the hands of Zainab, who calls him a murderer and cries all the time, in the car and tells him that it is his fault that he had to shoot his uncle. Vulkan gets out of the car and calls Majideh and describes the situation. He says that if Amir dies, he will be killed. Then he asks his mother to arrange a ship for him so that he can leave the country. Majideh asks how? Vulcan says that his father knows a person named Karim to contact him.

Some time later, Vulkan waits for his mother to call him. Majideh calls him and says that a man named Fikret is waiting for them on the way to the old house and gives them a runaway from Izmir and asks him to take Zeinab with him and take her every step of the way. Then Leila, who is standing behind Majideh in the doorway, hears all her words.

At the hospital, Asma and Elif’s father come to him. Dukan also arrives and says that his mother informed him that Vulkan wanted to leave the country through Izmir. He does not want to approach Zeinab. Baba Zahed says that they definitely want to leave the country illegally.

On the road to Fikret, he waits for Vulkan, replaces his car with his car, and takes the weapon with which he shot Amir. Vulkan gets in the car with Zeinab and sets off. A few minutes later, the police They stop Vulcan’s car and arrest him.

Zeinab goes to the hospital to the others. Leila also goes to the hospital and everyone is waiting for Amir’s operation to end.

Some time later, the doctor leaves the operating room and announces that Amir has been rescued. They all hug each other happily. The doctor says that Amir finds his wife, Elif, as soon as he regains consciousness. But he just thanks. .

Fardi, Shukran’s son, goes home and informs Majideh about Vulkan’s arrest. Majideh gets angry and gets sick and says that

Vulcan should not be in prison.

Majida goes to see Vulkan in prison. Vulkan asks his mother to release him as much as he can. His mother says that the lawyers are busy but Amir has complained. Vulkan says that if he can, he will shoot Amir again.

Three weeks have passed since Amir’s recovery, and he is released from the hospital, and on the day of his discharge, the professors and students come to greet him at the hospital. Amir thanks them and goes to see Vulkan with Baba Zahed.

At Majideh’s house, Shukran brings a sandwich to his son. He is washing the car in the yard. Can tell him something, tells him that the shop is called a boy and he is actually the son of Belkiz and Akram.

Vulkan is in custody when Amir goes to see him. Vulkan smiles when he sees Amir and says that he thinks he has won? His mother wants to go out to save his father. Mehmet is imprisoned in his place. Amir says that his plan has been ruined, because he has sent Mehmet abroad with his mother. Vulkan gets up and says: “Are you bluffing?” And he does not stay in prison and finds a way to free himself. Amir tells Vulkan that he must divorce Zainab, otherwise he will stay in prison, all his confessions must be recorded and he must sign. Vulkan will have to accept.

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Elif goes to see Majideh and tells her that Amir does not know that he has come there and has been silent for Zainab until now, and if Vulkan does not divorce Zainab, he proves with the documents in Majideh’s phone that he was involved in the story of his abduction. Majideh says that by doing so, he is also imprisoning Mehmet. Alif says that Mehmet and his mother have been sent abroad. Majideh tells him that in the end he wins his game and He asks someone to take Elif out.

Majeda, who is walking in the yard, calls someone and argues with him why he did not control the flower limb? Someone says that Vulcan has taken over everything and he can no longer control the flower limb. Majeda says that He takes her out of the house and he must make sure that her phone is taken back. Someone goes to his mother in the garden and says that they can not go empty-handed and if Mr. Ikram returns, he will not take them out and they must use the flow of Ikram’s second son. Make money. Someone wants his mother to go according to the plan she has prepared and to be silent for now.

Vulkan is released from prison and returns home, and when he sees his mother, he tells her that even if he and he go to prison, he will not divorce his wife.

At night, Majideh goes to Vulkan’s room. He holds one of Zainab’s clothes and is crying. And not to be separated from him, and when his father returned with his power to bring him back home ‌.

In the morning, Zainab, along with Elif and Amir, is waiting for Vulkan in court. Vulkan and his mother enter and all of them go to the judge. The judge asks the parties if they agree with the divorce? Runs.

Zainab’s mother and brother are waiting for her outside the court. Zeinab goes to see them. Majeda and Vulkan also leave the court. Majeda gets angry when she sees Mehmet and her mother, but Vulkan stops her and says that this is their last game.

Elif sees Belkis in the alley and asks her to come to her house to have dinner together. . Elif talks to him and wants to say nothing, and Belkis stays there tonight. Ozlem calls Majide and tells her the story.

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Someone puts a flower in the park and says that if he takes Majideh’s phone from Amir, he will get as much money as he wants. The flower accepts.

Tomorrow morning, when Baba Zahid wants to put the device in the safe of Amir’s room, he sees the secret flower and after he leaves, he exchanges Majeda’s phone with the one given to him by someone and informs someone.

On the other hand, Zeinab goes to school and attends Elif as a guest student. The school principal goes to class and wants to take Zeinab out of school because she is afraid of Vulkan’s family. Vulkan and Omid find out and both of them They arrive at school. Vulkan says that he wants to make up for his past mistakes and asks the principal not to throw Zainab out of the classroom. He takes her out of school.

The person who intends to extort money from Majideh on the phone

He sends a few messages that Akram and Belkiz have a son who is still in Sarpcha.

Gol Andam also sends a message to the person who removed Majideh’s phone from the safe.

Some time later, Vulkan goes with someone to get Majideh’s phone. Vulkan gives money to Golkan, who has a package, and Golman gives the phone to Vulkan, but says that he has copied the files and has to pay him again.

Someone is sitting next to his mother and his mother is cleaning rice.

He calls and says to look through all the books and give him everything related to the past. Shokran finds a picture of Belkis’ youth.

Elif makes an appointment with Belkiz for the doctor and follows him to pick him up. The man who sent Majideh to pursue them also follows them.

At night Asma goes to the backyard to see the shop.

They talk for a few minutes and Asma says goodbye to the shop and kisses her cheek. At that moment, Asma’s grandfather arrives and tells him that he has to choose between his family and the shop. Asma cries with his family He chooses it and leaves.

At Elif’s house, he walks up to Belkiz and asks him how he got on with the doctor today. Belkiz explains that the doctor said he should start over. He then tells Elif that he fell in love when he came to Sarpcha, but that Time did not know he was married. Elif asks him to calm down and tell the story whenever he likes. They lie down in their bed and fall asleep. The man who was following them on Majida’s command enters the house and opens the gas taps.

After a while, Elif gets up with difficulty and tries to walk and is dizzy. He calls Belkiz and hardly calls Amir but he faints.

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