Adi Sevgi Series Part 9 English Subtitles


Episode 9 is the ninth episode of season one of “Adı Sevgi”.

The episode premieres Sunday, May 8th, 2022 on ATV .

Amir pulled a gun on Vulcan and said he would not be there again.

There was a shooting and the children were watching from behind the window. The man was older.

The shooter said that Vulcan was Baikara. My son and your nephew. You will not touch it, Amir.

Amir beats Amir with a gun. It has been a long time since I was in Baikara. And he is no one.

Amir says you will not have anything to do with the girl anymore. Vulkan shouts and calls Zeinab and threatens.

Zeinab is impressed. The master tries to dissuade him. Zeinab does not intend to ransom Vulcan. He threatens her with her parents. Zainab slaps him in the ear.

Majeda calls Shakran and follows the phone. He wants to call Vulcan. Master Elif was calling.

Sends a photo to Majeda. His cell phone remained in the hospital and his chats showed that he had chatted with the person who stole him. He threatens her and tells her son not to come near us.

Vulcan is involved with his family. His father wants to dissuade him. Okan talks to his mother and is supposed to stay. Okan is related to Asma.

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