Adidas New Phase in Turkey

According to a report by Legend Consultancy, Turkey is becoming a base in the production of sports shoes.

In addition to the production of domestic brands, world-famous brands Skechers, New Balance and Puma have their production done in Turkey.

Nike and Adidas are also expected to put their plans to produce in Turkey, which was in progress before the pandemic, on their agenda again.

Around 70 percent of the shoes produced in Turkey are sports and casual shoes .

The size of the footwear industry in Turkey has hit $9 billion.

There is an increase in the exports of the Turkish shoe industry, around $1 billion of the total income of the sector comes from exports.

The change in supply chains in the world has also benefited Turkish industry.

The demand for shoes from abroad, especially from European countries, has increased.

As a result, there is a current account surplus now.

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