Aile – Family Series with English Subtitles

The table is the only place that reminds the Suikans that they are “family”. That day, while a table is set for the whole family to gather, Aslan is on the plane to Izmir to solve one of his dark affairs about his uncle.

Psychologist Devin and Aslan’s path intersect in this journey.

Devin also goes to Izmir to deal with a new problem that his sister is involved in. It is quite clear that they are people from different worlds. But it doesn’t take long for them to discover their common “wound”.

their family From the very first night, Aslan breaks a very important law of the Suikan constitution for Devin. This is enough for his mother Helia, who feels obsessively attached to Aslan, to realize the great danger that lies ahead.

Devin Kar Hulia, who has shown many times before that she can do anything to keep her son from leaving the family, this time it will not be as easy as before.

However, Hülya is not the only one whose job is not easy. The collision on the plane of Izmir will be only the beginning of the difficult road that our wounded heroes will go through to create their family.

Devin’s entry into the table is enough for Holia to see him as a threat. Holia decides to use the tactic she knows best: keeping her friends closer and her enemies closer… As a first step, she invites Devin to an event at the guild she founded.

Aslan’s focus is to get his family out of the illegal business. One of the most important stages of this operation is becoming a partner in the company of Atila Ozilmaz, a young businessman.

A helping hand from the world reaches out to Aysel who had an accident. On the other hand, Holia should sit at the same table with Jehan to end Aslan and Devin’s relationship at the beginning. Devin makes a decision after what happened at the event he attended with Helia. But on the first night he spends with Aslan, while succumbing to the attraction between them, he encounters a movement that Aslan never expected. Between the two, the ropes reach a breaking point.

However, what happened at a surprise table where they got together forces Devin to make a big decision about his life. This decision will be the most important point of failure in the journeys of Aslan and Devin.

Aslan and Devin find themselves on the verge of separation after their relationship has reached a dead end. When they finally come face to face with feelings they can’t resist, peace is inevitable.

This couple takes the first steps to get married. However, Devin also has a condition for an arranged marriage. A big bet… The news of the sudden marriage reverberates in the farm. Facing her biggest fear, Hulia uses her strongest trump card to stop the wedding: Jaihan, who convinced Devin to seek treatment while they were apart from Aslan.

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There is no doubt that Jehan will be one of the most important guests of this wedding. On the other hand, Ibo tries to dominate the family by using the excuse of vulnerability in the farm. Ati, who realizes that Aslan has deceived her, confronts Aslan.

Now both Igbo and Ati are bombs for Aslan with a pulled pin. And finally… in Suikan farm, drums and Zorna start playing! As Devin and Aslan unite their lives together, an unexpected event at the wedding introduces Devin to the darkness of the Suikan family, of which he is now a part.

With a gun attack on the farm, Devin needs only one person’s support as he goes through perhaps the toughest days of his life: Aslan. But instead of Aslan, he finds himself with an army of bodyguards.

On the other hand, Helia increases the pressure on her family members, especially Devin. Security at the farm is maximized until the person who organized the attack is found.

As he confronts the darkness of the Suikan family, Devin, who begins to question the truths he believes about Aslan, knocks on the world’s door to find answers. While trying to know Aslan, he will also face the darkness within himself.

Aslan’s focus is on finding the person who shot Echo.

Anyone who might benefit from this attack is a suspect to Aslan.
Finally, the curtain falls… Aslan realizes who the attacker is. Now is the time for revenge.

However, Devin asks Aslan to promise not to turn this into revenge. Can Aslan keep his promise to Devin as Hulia executes her plans to bring Aslan and Devin to the farm?

As Devin and Aslan begin to live on the farm, Holia sets out to assert her authority over the family.

He acquaints Devin with the Suican rules. Thinking that these rules violate his freedom, Devin confronts Holia.

Aslan plans a night alone with Devin. Devin’s night together in Volta confronts Aslan with a reality he hasn’t been able to face before, and it changes the whole balance.
After the fire, Ibo enters a new conflict with Aslan and makes a big move. He will confront Aslan with his greatness

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