Aktor Serial

A family and drama series in which famous figures have gathered, but the main narrative is on the shoulders of Ahmed Mehranfar and Navid Mohammadzadeh.

The series has a good start in the first episode, but it is futile to expect it to continue in all the subsequent episodes, but it has other points that can bring you along: it is patient. It is eye-catching and local.

Probably the last work of Haniye Tavasli before saying goodbye to the acting field.
Mehraveh Sharifinia, Homan Barknoord, Hasti Mahdavi, Soha Niasti and Golareh Abbasi are also regular actors.

Dramatic and theatrical narrative of the life of several loves in the show. The series is full of planned scenes. Thoughtful filming and scenes and narratives that are too well-thought-out to be performed.

The story of several theater actors but without money, who are attracted to different projects because of their ability.

Besides that, their life story is in front of our eyes. The story of the series stands somewhere between today and yesterday, fantasy and reality, poverty and wealth, euphoria and depression.

Exaggerated games, regular and story-telling script, special attention to different elements, objects and decors, strange angles show themselves abundantly during filming.

The first series of the director of Melbourne, Redhead, Nima Javidi, who has won awards from festivals in Cairo, Asia Pacific, Stockholm, Poland, etc.

Among the users and fans of the series, beautiful images, good filming and variety of its sequences have been noticed. The story has sub-narratives during the overall story that make each part watchable independently. Even if you come to the conclusion that you don’t like it while watching this series, one advantage of it cannot be denied, and that is that the creator of the work loved it very much and it was made with obsession and focus.

If you have seen the Golden Tooth series directed by Dawood Mirbagheri and played by Hamidreza Azarang and Baran Kothari before, and you liked those tulip atmospheres, maybe watching the actor series can be your first priority.

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