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If you are a fan of family adventure series, ATV channel, which has a long history of producing and broadcasting family drama series, this time after the series of my sisters and brothers, it will hit the TV viewers with the series Betrayal.

Betrayal is a Turkish TV series that started in 2022, the general theme of the series is about the family life of a prominent family court judge and an honest woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, and now what is at stake is the judge’s own family and personal life.
Ghazideh Yenersoy, who is a family court judge in Istanbul, has lived a thirty-year life with her husband, Tariq Yenersoy, and her two children, Ozan and Oylum, which at first glance can be described as the embodiment of a perfect family.

Tariq, the father of the family, is an experienced and successful lawyer who runs his own law office.

Ozan is the son of a construction engineer family who works in a reputable company, and the daughter of the Oylum family, who seems to be studying medicine in the Netherlands at the insistence of her mother.

From the outside, the Yenersoi family lives a perfect life based on trust and love, but the truth is completely different from what it seems.
While everything seems to be going well for Nigheed, he doesn’t know that a storm is going to destroy his life, in fact, all the members of his happy family are lying to him and have hidden the truth under a shell.

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The first lie about Oylum is revealed. The girl is going to go to the Netherlands to study medicine for her mother’s approval, while Oylum has decided to go to America to fulfill her dream of studying modern dance. On the day when the family went to see him off at the airport, Avilom counted the number of days in his mind to go to New York, and instead of going to the Netherlands, he went to Ankara and his friend Celine’s house. In this trap at the airport, he meets Tolga, the son of their family friend, who helps Avilom escape.

Tolga will later become Avilom’s romantic partner.
Oylom is not the only one who lies to Gazideh, after not getting the promotion he expected, Ozan, the son of the family, after not receiving the promotion he expected, on the advice of his friend who is in the cryptocurrency business, he entered the cryptocurrency business with his father’s friend’s loan money, which they hid in his house. and by losing money, he puts himself in big trouble.

But in the end, the biggest lie comes from the person Ghazideh trusts the most, Tariq, Ghazideh’s husband, who has committed betrayal, a betrayal that changes Ghazideh’s life forever, Tariq has a second family that he has kept secret for five years. Is. When her husband’s infidelity is revealed, she finds herself confronted with the fact that thirty years of her life has been a big lie.

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