Alireza Amirghasemi Instagram page closed, Why?


It seems that after the release of a video in cyberspace of Alireza Amirghasemi’s defense of Parviz Parastaui.

Alireza Amirghasemi’s Instagram page was closed by users’ reports (or perhaps for other reasons).

It should be mentioned that about a month ago, Amir Ghasemi, by manipulating the results of a poll published by Satellite List News.

He tried to convince his audience that the Nowruz program has more viewers than Me and You.

The story of the fraud in this poll was revealed because by the last hours of the poll, the Tapash network had only 7% of the votes and Manoto TV network was the first with 45% of the votes, then in the last hours of the poll, the Tapash network suddenly 50% of the vote!

Amir Ghasemi’s cheating was so amateurish that at least in order to avoid the incident.

he had to double his beat, but in this fraud (buying votes by a robot) the unbridled numbers increased so much that even his beating votes were higher than yours and mine!


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