Amsterdam Serial Part 1

Summary of episode 1 of the Amsterdam series (Air On Tamashakhooneh)

The series opens with a scene of a man driving with a sleeping child in the back seat of his car and crashing into a truck on a mountain road.
Khosrow came to visit Shahab, but Shahab does not want to see him.

But Mehdi Pakdel says that he threatened to see her and that she is not well. Shahab comes down to see Khosrow. Khosrow says he wants his right. Shahab says he has received three times his right so far.

Khosrow tells Shahab that he had an eye on his life and now Shiva has separated from him and it is Shahab’s fault because he loves Shiva. Shahab tells him to go out.
Khosrow says he wants to make a deal with Shahab and offers him to come with his partners to a horse race, the riders are his own people and bet on the horse he wins. In the last lap the horse falls and he returns three times the money to Shahab.

Barbad wants to kick him out of the company. Khosrow shouts that Shahab started this with his money and he is also a partner here. Khosrow asks Shahab to do this for Shiva because his life is in danger.

Amsterdam Serial Part 1
Amsterdam Serial Part 1

Shahab is watching the horse racing on the radio and his partner says why the horse that always won lost this time when we bet money? Shahab says he doesn’t know and he himself had put money. His partner has become suspicious of him. Shahab calls somewhere and tells them not to let Chabaksewar out of there.

They tie the rider to a chair with his partner and torture him and ask him for the name of the person who forced him to lose, and he finally mentions the name of Khosrow and says that Khosrow forced him because if he didn’t do this, he would have killed all the horses. He kills and hangs his neck.

His partner believes that Shahab was an accomplice with Khosrow and wants to explain to the rest of his partners and he no longer trusts Shahab unless he ends his partnership with Khosrow and threatened him.

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At night on the road, Shiva stops Shahab’s car with a gun and asks for his daughter Samin from Shahab, and Shahab says he doesn’t know anything and it’s Khosrow’s fault, Shiva says what was Samin’s fault? And he insults him and leaves.

Barbad tells Shahab that even though he always wanted to finish Khosrow’s work, he cannot forgive him if he knows that he sent Khosrow to the bottom of the valley with a child.

Barbad goes to see Shiva with a bundle of money and tells him that this money is Khosrow’s and his right. But Shiva does not accept and instead wants to work instead of Khosrow. Shiva says that Shahab did not have mercy on my daughter and Barbad replied: “I think it was not Shahab’s work, but if I am sure it was his work because Samin’s foot was in the middle, I will burn his sting myself.”

twenty years later
Fawad, while lost in himself and worried, tells Shahab that this year the company’s income is 12 times higher than usual, and this means power and power also means not being seen and the end of everything. Shahab says that power only means power to him and if he wanted to listen to his concern, they should have fished on both sides of the river. Shahab thinks about the present and Fouad about the future. Fawad is upset that Shahab does not take his concerns seriously, but Shahab tries to calm him down by saying, “You won’t let me make a mistake.”

Fouad is grilling in his house when he notices that the alarm in his house is not working and the guard did not notice anything. When he gathers around the dinner table with his wife and two children and suddenly sees the bloody face of the guard. Fawad takes his gun and sees some unknown armed people in his yard and shoots some of them, but one of them takes his wife hostage and Fawad is forced to drop his wife. So he does it, but those people kill all the family members.
The next night, Fawad’s other colleagues come there. Shoja is worried and angry about the events that happened and says that he will not let anyone get his hands on Dai (Shahab).
We are an ordinary family with a decent business…

Shahab also arrives at Fawad’s house and tells them to take care of the janitor and his family. He says: “This was an insider’s work because we only knew Fawad’s position. Beta is back.” Shahab puts his ring in the cover of Fawad’s corpse and leaves.
With a brave voice, the characters present in the scene are introduced: “Shahab, Daimeh. Ph.D., Ph.D. No woman, no children. His whole life is his work, after the death of Shiva’s child, no one saw his smile, he closed his whole life on one drop, his hand was taken badly. He has this empire from the same, Amsterdam, now he is the king of the king who lost his queen.”

“Homayun, we are brothers in a way… he loves Bita, but he doesn’t show it, Bita, Bita, Bita… since Bita left, he doesn’t talk much, not only about her, he doesn’t talk at all, but I know that one day he will be one because of Bita. I don’t know him at all” “This is the shadow, he has calculated six months for every greeting he gives. Three years ago, he came to win Shahab’s heart, give his statistics to the rivals, but his heart stayed here.

This is the only thing that is right in his life.”
Sayeh talks to Humayun about Beta. Humayun says he still wants to see Beeta even for the last time. Sayeh tells Humayun that his love crossed their red line. They say that the janitor’s wife saw a woman and here Bita is the main suspect. Humayun doesn’t want to accept and tries to rationalize this case that anyone who is in this game may be killed, Fawad was also in the game…
Rahman and his colleague came to see Shahab in a meeting that was supposed to be friendly, to condole Fawad’s death. They say that Fawad’s presence made Shahab’s rivals make peace with him. The conversation is a bit uncomfortable and unsatisfying for Shahab.

Lana walks on and she says she doesn’t feel like this is a friendly conversation. Rahman’s colleague tells Shahab that Rahman is still upset about Sayeh’s case. Sayeh was Rahman’s ex-wife and now she is Shahab’s wife. Shahab prefers not to talk about his family there.
Rahman’s colleague tells Shahab that your company produced as much as our entire production last year, you should either stop broadcasting or give us the Amsterdam formula. Rahman says that since Amsterdam was released in the market, there is no demand for their previous productions in the market. Shahab says this is not his problem. But in the end, it says that the production is from us and the broadcast is from you, but remember that for every round, I will kill three of you, and for killing each one of us, I will kill ten of your hatred.
Hamon sees Bita in a bad state in the corridor of his house. Bita goes inside Hamon’s house and introduces herself again.

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