Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk Episode 9 English Subtitles


Sadaf tells Dafneh that he and Chenar are in a relationship and that he is pregnant with Chenar. Daphne is shocked. Chenar wants to explain to him, but throws the ring of his ring at him and leaves with Saadoun.

At Sabriya’s house, he sees the gold of Fadik’s gift in Maryam’s hand. Maryam says she bought the burial for Ahmad. Sabria gets angry and argues with Maryam. Maryam has packed her things and wants to leave the house with Ahmad.

Raha nods and tells Maryam that he will go with her.

Maryam’s sister hears Raha’s words and gets nervous about Raha’s support for Maryam.

He goes upstairs to Sabria and tells her that Mary had given birth to a child who had died before marriage. Sabria is shocked to hear this. As soon as Noah arrives, he hears the words of Mary’s sister.

Maryam inevitably goes home with Raha. Dafneh is not at home. Maryam contacts Dafneh.

Dafneh, who is sure that her baby oyster has been stolen, tells Maryam that she is going to the police station and cuts off the call.

Maryam is worried that she has been exposed.

Noah decides to go to Mary to hear the truth from her.

Fidan goes to Sabriya’s house. Sabrieh complains to him that Fidan had introduced Maryam to them and that Maryam had a moral problem. Fidan is shocked and says he did not know anything.

The police take oysters and sycamores to the police station and interrogate them. Sadaf says that on the day of the accident, he was in front of a sycamore tree and that stealing children was not his job.

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Noah goes to the tomb and tells Mary what her sister said. Maryam denies and angrily says that she is getting a divorce. Noah believes Mary.

Dafneh returns home at night. Raha goes from there. Dafneh tells Maryam that oysters and sycamores had betrayed her and she suspected oysters, but it was not her job. Maryam tells Dafneh that she has a problem with her mother-in-law and stays at Dafneh’s house for a while.

The next day, Raha threatens his wife for what he has said about Maryam. He then went to Maryam Dafneh and told her that he should ask Dafneh to work for him anyway so that he could stay in that house.

Fidan goes to the village to ask the midwife about Maryam’s first child. The midwife says everything about Mary’s first child. Fidan is shocked.
Noah takes Sabria to the old people’s home and says that if he bothers Mary again and has something to do with their lives, he will leave her there. He says that Sabria should apologize to Mary. Patience is shocked and upset.

On the night of Fidan, he went to Sabrieh’s house and said that Maryam had an affair with her sister’s husband and had given birth to a child from him, and that the child had died. Sabria is very shocked. He says he knows what to do.

The next day, Dafneh went to a lawyer and filed for divorce. The lawyer calls Chenar and Chenar goes to the lawyer’s office. He greedily tells Dafneh that he was happy with Saadoun and that Saadoun himself knew about his relationship with Sadaf from the beginning, but did not tell Dafneh.

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Daphne is shocked.
Dafneh went to Saadoun’s house and argued with him about his secrecy and asked Saadoun to stay away from him. Then he returns home.

Noah asks Sabria to prepare to go to the funeral home to apologize and bring Mary back.

Patience is exhausted and tells Mary that she knows what she has done in the past and if she does not give the child to her, she will disgrace her. He takes Mary’s baby from his arms and wants to leave. Maryam is shocked and does not know what to do.

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