Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk Series Episode 10 English Subtitles


Sabriah takes the child from Maryam and goes to the car. He tells Noah that Mary herself will come home later.Maryam is shocked and nervous and goes out.

Raha comes his way and asks Maryam to leave together again.

Mary tells him not to burn the money and leaves it to get out of their lives and no longer wants to see him around her and her son.

Maryam calls Fidan to go to him and get the money.

On the way, a car crashes into Maryam. Maryam is healthy, but pretends that she is not well enough to be taken to the hospital.

They call Noah from the hospital, and Noah rushes to get there.

Mary asks Noah to take her home.

Sabria is upset that Maryam has found an excuse to return home.

The company contacts Dafneh and asks her to design for them.

They make an appointment with Dafneh.

In the middle of the night, Maryam goes to Anbar and leaves the money she had taken from Fidan and asks her to leave.

The next day, the owner of Noah’s shop came to him and said that the rent of the shop had doubled and he had to leave if Noah did not want to. Noah is upset about this.

Saadoun reunites the employees of Chenar Company, whom he fired and went bankrupt, and this time starts the project under his own management.

Chenar comes to the company and fights with Saadoun for this.


Saadoun recalls that he fired everyone and that those people are no longer his employees and he can not force them.

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Saadoun Younes’s friend, who was also his employee, called Saadoun and informed him that his wife had died.

Saadoun asks him to come to his house. Younes goes to Saadoun’s house with his little daughter Chichek.

Younes says that his wife had a stroke and died yesterday.

She says that she does not know how to take care of the child and wants to take him to the village to her mother and leave the city herself because it is difficult for her to see her husband’s vacancy.

Saadoun suggests that he keep Chichik himself because it will be difficult for him to access school in the village. Younes agrees.
Saadoun goes to Dafneh’s house.

Maryam wants to return home and Saadoun brings her home.

Noah tells Saadon to go inside and drink coffee. Sabria tells Saadoun that her son is unemployed and has to hand over the shop.

Saadon asks Noah to come to him tomorrow to do something for him. Noah and Sabria are happy.

Maryam is in the kitchen and does not understand what they are saying.

Chenar goes to one of his friends and asks him to buy his shares in the project from them so that they can partner.

He then goes to the oyster and tells her that he can not be with her.

The oyster gets nervous and goes to the burial ground.

He tells Daphne that he aborts his child so that he does not grow up without a father.

He wants to do something by saying that he will not forgive the plantain’s burial and the plantain will return to the oyster ‌.

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A girl named Damla goes to Saadoun to work and is hired. It is clear from his behavior that he has a plan in mind.

Noah goes to Saadon. Saadoun says he works for him.

Noah praises his mother’s cooking and Saadoun suggests that Noah’s mother also prepare food for him and Chichik and give him a salary.

Noah is happy.

Saadoun goes to the funeral home with Chichek and tells the story of Chichek to the funeral.

They bake cakes and spend time together. Chichek falls asleep next to Dafneh. He wakes up a little later and calls Dafneh his mother.

Dafneh and Saadoun look at each other.

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