Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk Series Episode 7 English Subtitles


Maryam inadvertently fires at Raha. His own abdomen is also injured with a drop knife.

Maryam quickly takes the baby and the money bag and leaves.

He goes to Chenar’s house and hides a bag of money in the air conditioner duct inside the basement.

He then goes to the bathroom and disinfects his stomach ulcer.

Saadoun, Chenar and Dafneh are inside the car.

Saadoun’s assistant, who is an employee of Chenar Company.

calls Saadoun and says that the tracker inside the money bag shows that the bag is inside Chenar’s house.

Chenar is surprised and they quickly go to Chenar’s house.

Saadoun’s assistant called and said that they had lost track inside the house.

Chenar, Dafneh and Saadoun go home.

When he sees Ahmed, he first thinks that the thief brought the child home.

but Maryam comes to them and Dafneh realizes that he has made a mistake.

Chenar says that the police will come there a little later to investigate.

Maryam notices from their words that there is a tracker inside the bag and is worried.

The police searched the house but found nothing.

After they leave, Maryam wants to go home and Saadoun takes her.

Daphne, annoyed by the plane tree, asks him to leave the house.

The plantain goes to the oyster and they spend time together.

Dafneh is sitting at home and Saadoun is making a video call to him.

He says he sent something for the funeral.

The courier knocks on the door and picks up the package.

Inside the package, he sees the sweets that Saadoun made for him and remembers the past that Saadoun made for him from that model of sweets. He is affected.

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Chenar goes to the company at night and gets angry when he sees Saadoun’s assistant, Arda, and asks him since when has Saadoun been a spy in his company?

Arda says that from nine months ago.

Chenar becomes very angry and again suspects that nine months ago Saadoun and Dafneh had an affair and that the child belonged to Saadoun.

He returns home. He falls asleep on the sofa and Chenar goes to the laptop room. He examines the funeral messages and finds out that nine months ago, Saadoun sent him a message and asked if he was coming to him.

Chenar is upset when he sees the message and gets nervous.

Maryam’s sister called her and informed her that her husband had been injured and was in hospital. Maryam goes to the hospital to leave the room.

He threatens Raha that he has no right to say anything to anyone.

Then he leaves before his sister arrives.
The next day, Chenar goes to the hospital and takes a sample of the baby’s blood in his file from the hospital and goes to the lab to get a DNA test.

At Maryam’s house, Sabria calls her and shows her a woman who has just given birth and says that from now on she will be the mother of Shiri Ahmed. Maryam is angry with Sabria’s interference and fights with her. Then he goes downstairs.

Noah comes home and Mary tells Noah about her quarrel with Sabria.

Annoyed, he leaves the house with Ahmed and goes to Chenar’s house in front of the burial ground.

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Maryam secretly goes underground and picks up a sack of money.

He puts the money and the gun in his bag, puts the tracker wallet in the trash bag, and delivers it to the garbage truck.

Police go to the hospital to file a report of the injury.

Raha falsely claims that someone caught up with her to steal her phone and injured her.

To appease Maryam, Noah followed Chenar to Maryam and Ahmad and took them home.

Maryam secretly takes the bag of money into the warehouse in the yard.

At night, Sadaf goes to Dafneh’s house and informs him that Chenar suspects him, and by testing the baby’s blood, he gives a DNA test to find out if the baby is for him or not.

Daphne is shocked and angry.

The next day, Maryam goes to Anbar and sees Fidan holding a bag of money.

He tries to take the bag from Fidan, but Fidan does not give the bag and opens it.

He is shocked to see the money.

Chenar goes to the laboratory and receives the test result and comes out.

Before he can open the envelope, Dafneh arrives and asks Chenar not to open the envelope.

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