Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk Series Episode 8 English Subtitles


Dafneh tells Chenar that if she opens the envelope, it means that she does not trust him and this will be expensive for her.
Chenar says he saw Saadoun’s email to Dafneh and knew they had met in London.

The next time Chenar suspects him, he gets nervous.

Then he angrily takes the envelope and opens it. It is written inside the sheet that the child is not from a plantain. Daphne is shocked and says that such a thing is not possible.

Chenar comforts him and says that he does not care and does not believe it.

Daphne goes into the lab and says that the experiment was wrong and they should repeat it.

The head of the secret laboratory calls Sadaf and says that he can not change the result of the test again, but Sadaf threatens him and reminds him that he has given him a lot of money.

Fidan in Anbar is shocked to see the money.

\Maryam tells her that the money is for her sister’s husband, who is in trouble for her, and that is why she is hiding the money there for the time being.

Maryam suddenly faints and Fidan notices her stomach ulcer and calls out to Sabria. They take Mary inside and take care of her wound. Maryam regains consciousness and says that she had a fight with her sister’s husband and that is why she was injured

. Sabria wants to inform the police, but Maryam asks her not to do so because she is in trouble. Sabrieh agrees on the condition that Maryam no longer visits Dafneh and Zahra becomes Shiri Ahmad’s mother. Maryam inevitably accepts.

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Dafneh and Chenar go home. Dafneh explains to Chenar that when she went to London, she had first visited the grave of her son, who had died in two days, and was willing to deal with this fact, which is why he had met Saadoun. Chenar hugs him and comforts him.

In the middle of the night, Maryam secretly burns the money in the warehouse. Raha gets angry.

Maryam says that there was a tracking chip in the money bag and that the star of the money series must have been registered for chasing and they were stuck, which is why she did this.

The next day, Raha is released from the hospital and goes to Maryam’s house with Maryam’s sister to get the money from her. Maryam takes him to the warehouse, but realizes that it is not the money.

Raha gets angry and says he will not leave until he gets the money. Maryam goes to Fidan and asks for the money.

Fidan says the money is for Ahmed’s future and he should not hand it over.

Maryam insists on asking for the money and takes Raha to the warehouse again and shows her the money. Raha picks up the gun from inside the money.
At Chenar’s house, they call the laboratory and send the test results.

Dafneh gets angry again when she sees that the test is negative and says that everyone who stole the child has changed the result of the test. Chenar guesses it oyster’s job. He angrily goes to Sadaf’s house and finds the child.

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Sadaf says he did not kidnap the child.

Then she says that she is pregnant with sycamore and that is why she manipulated the test result.

Chenar is shocked and says that she should have an abortion, but Sadaf does not accept.

Arda calls Saadoun and says that in Chenar’s emails, he saw the child’s DNA test and the child does not belong to Chenar. Saadoun is surprised and goes to Chenar and asks him about the experiment.

Chenar says helplessly that the oyster is pregnant and that it is her job to manipulate the test.

Dafneh is upset that Maryam is no longer going to him and goes to their house to see Ahmad in front of Sabria.

Sabrieh tells Dafneh that when the child is not found, it is better for her to be carefree and not to look for motherhood with Ahmed. Dafneh is offended by Sabrieh’s words and leaves.

Maryam gets nervous from Sabria’s encounter with Dafneh.

Maryam calls Saadoun and says that Dafneh left their house in a bad mood and asks him to go to Dafneh.

Fidan buys a gold plate for Ahmed and gives it to Maryam.

When Maryam finds out that she took the money and bought the gold, she gets angry and says that they might get in trouble.

Saadoun goes to the burial place by the sea and calms him down and puts him in the car.

Sadaf calls Chenar and says that he can no longer tolerate it and will go to the funeral to say everything.

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Chenar quickly calls Dafneh and asks her not to answer Sadaf. Then he goes home.

Dafneh and Saadoun arrive at the house sooner.

The oyster sees the burial and says he wants to tell her something.

The sycamore tree arrives at the same moment.

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