Anten Serial

It has stopped playing.

A highly televised work. In the sense of its audio and television. Which, of course, rejects some red lines due to its strictness. A comedy and not so serious story that goes with the comedy of the situation.

The story of an old woman who now plans to continue her education and joins the university with her grandson. Concerns about reputation, money and inheritance, youth mischief and student protests were tied together in it to make a commercially successful work, but with the events of last year, broadcasting images of many student protests in this series is a bit expensive for him. It ended and was stopped along with another Namawa series, Women’s Secret Network.

بیشتر ببینید:

The series is cliché and does not have a strong script. But as things stand, the current situation is for a good idea, with a dignified cliché structure!

Even the presence of people like Marjane Golchin, Hadi Kazemi and Pejman Jamshidi could not give it the necessary consistency. In the meantime, Roya Afshar, the actress who plays the role of a grandmother who has regained her psychological life, is perhaps the most important event of this series.

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