Ateş Kuşları Series English Subtitles

Fire Birds

The Turkish series “Firebirds” is one of the new Turkish series being broadcast. This series is in the genre of drama and romance.

Most of the street children do not reach the age of 20, and even those who reach the age of 20 cannot be said to have lived. Drugs, violence, sexual abuse and hunger are among the dangers that street children face. The fate of street children is either prison or the grave.

The series “Birds of Fire” describes the fate of ten of these street children who gave themselves the title of rootless and were able to resist their inevitable fate. The youngest of these children is six years old and the oldest is 13 years old. One of the children has autism.

Their story started from the day they found a 40-day-old baby in a trash can, and their fate changed forever, and we will follow the evolution of these street children from rootless children to birds of fire.

Finding a baby in a trash can, along with ten-year-old Marjan’s maternal instinct, inspires four other children to take care of this baby.

The children name the newborn “Gol Aisha”.

بیشتر ببینید:

The children are under the street gang led by Chatal, Chatal notices Nawazd, in a fight with the children and Chatal to save the baby, a woman who came to this neighborhood to look for her missing baby was killed.

The children, frightened by the woman’s death and fighting with Chatal, run away from their territory.

But the found baby – Ayesha Gul – is the daughter of a rich couple, named Bahar and Hafez Ayioglu. His uncle, the chief of Chatal, kidnaps his nephew and takes him to Chatal neighborhood because of his plans to take over his brother’s wealth.

After the stranger’s woman is killed on the spot, the kids decide to protect Ali by telling the strangers that they are brothers and sisters and a family.

When the kids meet a boy named Barbarus at the Firebird Cafe, life opens new doors for them.d

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