Avaye Jadooyi Serial

is a singing talent contest hosted by actor/producer Ali Oji. The beginning of Rakhanas all over Iran for the participants – men of course! – Released.

The judges of this competition are Mohammad Esfahani, an old pop-traditional singer, Reza Sadeghi, a popular pop singer, Mohammad Motamedi, a traditional singer, and Reza Yazdani, a pop-rock singer.

At first, there were talks about broadcasting it on a platform called TV Plus, and finally, on the eve of Nowruz this year, its first program was released on Filmnet.

Simultaneously with this contest, his Persianized original sample from a Persian-language satellite network with an Arab budget, with the presence of people such as Kamiyar and Bijan Mortazavi, went on the air and took it under the media’s shadow.

Its original version is owned by the NBC network in America, and it is very popular in Turkey under the name of OSS (Voice of Turkey) competitions, and people like Abro Gundesh and Murad Bez are among its permanent and reliable judges.

From the sidelines of Avai Jadoui series, we can refer to Ansar Ehsan Khaja Amiri from it and the termination of the contract between Fimabin.

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