Behnoosh Bakhtiari’s Interview About the Instagram Fan(Hate)ers!


Behnoosh Bakhtiari, a film and television actor, said that in the past year, according to him, he has witnessed many attacks, both by his colleagues and by the people, against him.

“History has shown that everyone who dies becomes loved and cherished, and everyone remembers his good deeds. I have probably wished for death more than 10 times during this time.

I’m a very strong and bullying person, and sometimes I tell myself that if only one of the things that happened to me happened to one of Susul’s people, they would not last.

I have witnessed 80 million people attacking me. You may not be able to stand it if you or anyone else in a group of four looks bad, but I have seen my colleagues and people attack many times.

Reckless and cowardly attacks.

Some time ago I had a very bad night and despite all my strength and all the books I have gathered around me and all the motivational vignettes with emphatic phrases, once I took a box of Xanax and emptied 30 tablets in the palm of my hand and told myself to finish it.

I was so bad.

“I do not know what voice told me to go out, to walk, to change, and tomorrow is definitely a better day.”

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