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A Little Daylight

It tells the life story of Elif, a self-made woman who owns a company that organizes wedding events. He has shaped his work with great effort and tenacity.

Elif has a happy life with Hakan, the chief executive officer of a large company. They still have no children and are satisfied with their marriage.

On the same day that Elif plans to start the adoption process, she finds out in a phone call that her husband had an accident.

Upon reaching the hospital, she realizes that she has lost her husband.

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In the meantime, Elif finds out that Hakan has a daughter, and her sadness turns to astonishment upon hearing this news. Disappointed and distraught, she realizes that her husband has a daughter named Gonesh from his other relationship by hiding his betrayal for years. Elif, who tries to communicate with Gonesh, finds herself and her life torn apart.

While living in a real nightmare, he meets Firat, a businessman who has been looking for his missing sister for years.

The main roles of the series are played by Sarai Kaya, Berk Oktay, Esra Durmanchioglu, Togce Achikgoz, Shima Kurkamaz, Azra Akso, Gunesh Hayat, Yilmaz Bayraktar, Beren Kotan, Gizm Onsal and Yigit Yapiji.

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