Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Episode 136 English Subtitles


Episode 34 is the thirty-fourth episode of season four of “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”.

The episode premieres Thursday, May 12th, 2022 on ATV .

In the teaser of the next episode of the series One Day in Chukurova, we see a criminal looking for Zuleykha and her children to kill them.

The assassin sent pictures of Zulaikha and her children to Hakan, with a red cross on their face, meaning that he would kill them.
Hakan, realizing that he is with a mysterious and dangerous person, starts working and asks Abdul Qadir for help to save Zulaikha.

Apparently, at first, Abdul Qadir realizes this and informs Hakan to save Zulaikha’s life. It is likely that Hakan goes to a mysterious person and at the last moment, Abdul Qadir will save Hakan and Zulaikha’s lives.

The creators of this series intend to increase the excitement of the series by using this secret assassination trick, because on the other hand, the conflict between Zulaikha and Chulak has reached its peak in this episode, and Chulak is highly suspected by Hakan and Abdul Qadir due to the secret killer.

On the other hand, after the issue of the secret killer is raised, Abdul Qadir suddenly becomes a positive character and a protagonist, because he first informs Hakan about the issue and possibly saves the lives of Hakan and Zulaikha in the future, this is also a possibility.

Who is severely injured in this way.

The creators of this series intend to erase the character of Abdul Qadir with this trick, because Abdul Qadir was the person who caused the death of Demir Yaman and Tekin, and Zulaikha hates this person very much.

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By doing this scenario and Abdul Qadir’s sacrifice, Zuleykha will be calmer than him and will have nothing to do with him, in other words, he will forgive him for killing Demir. He raises his hand.

It seems that all these scenarios are to purify the character of Abdul Qadir and to give this person a human and moral aspect, so that he will be forgiven by Zulaikha and the murder of Demir Yaman will be forgotten.

This is the last attempt of the creators of the series to destroy the great Demir Yaman and betray his character.
Of course, all these scenarios are just a prelude to the next episode of the series Once Upon a Time in Chukurova, and to see all the events of the series, we have to wait until the full release of the new episode.

In the teaser released for the new episode of Chokurova, we see that the author has turned Varro Chukurova into a new character, a character who apparently has enmity with either the Yamanha family or Hakan.

because in the teaser pictures we see Abdul Qadir in He sees his garage, is shocked.

immediately informs Hakan. As we can see in the following teaser images.

Hakan somehow realizes the intention of this person to kill Zulaikha and her children.

He tries to find this person alone.

But we see that Hakan is surprised in the ruins, apparently trapped by this killer

He feels the gun on his head.

On the other hand, in the teaser images, we see Zuleykha clashing with Heshmat Chulak over the rights of workers.

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in a way that Zuleykha again humiliates Heshmat and threatens Zulaikha in public.

Fikrat finally finds Alireza Sam Forosh and tries to speak under his tongue.

However, it must be said that all these incidents take place while no one knows about Hakan’s surprise and they do not know that any of them may be killed by Hakan by this mysterious person.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But apparently most of the viewers of this series like that this person is the same Demir Yaman who has returned to Chukurova to take revenge.

But it is a pity that the scenario of Demir’s return has never been implemented and we still have to witness a superficial scenario about this murderer so that the author can still stretch the story in any way he can.

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