Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Last Episode English Subtitles


The final episode of Bir Zamanlar Cukurova is coming these season.

One of the scenarios for the last episode of the Bir Zamanlar Çukurova is the scenario of Zulaikha and Hakan having children.

the last episode of the series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova will have a happy ending and the story will end with the complete happiness of Zulaikha and Hakan.

that is the birth of their child.

In the previous episodes, we saw that Zulaikha had dreamed in a coma.

that she had married Hakan and formed a happy and large family and had children.

they were living a good and happy life with her children in Demir’s mansion.

In fact, showing this dream of Zuleykha in a coma.

when she is dying, shows Zuleykha’s subconscious.
Zuleykha wants to marry Hakan and start a family as soon as possible.

even having children with him and completing their happiness.

Zuleykha and Hakan have repeatedly stated in their conversations.

that they will have children and raise their children in peace and happiness.

Considering all the hardships and problems.

Zuleykha and Hakan went through in the way of this legendary.
they met and got married after a long time.

considering the few episodes left until the end of the series.

it is likely that the last episode of the series will announce the news.

We will be Zulaikha’s pregnancy to Hakan and their child will be born very soon.

thus Zulaikha and Hakan will stay with their children in Demir’s mansion.

He will live together happily until the end of their lives.

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Thus, the series ends with the happiness of Zuleykha.

Hakan and the completion of their family with the arrival of a new child.

It should be noted that this is just one of the episodes of the last episode of the series.

to see what happens, we have to wait until the last episodes to be informed of all the stories.

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