Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Episode 135 English Subtitles



Episode 33 is the thirty-third episode of season four of “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova“.

The episode premieres Thursday, May 5th, 2022 on ATV .

Zuleykha had not yet crossed with Erkut and Ghafoor when the bridge collapsed. They set a trap to kill him.

Someone who says that his wife is giving birth wants to understand that Ghafoor is taking her.

Everyone goes to the police station and turns over the detainees.

Wahhab had ordered them.

Abdul Ghadir, however, guess it was not his job.

Zuleykha guess it was Churak’s work.

Abdul Qadir tells Wahab he must go faster and sends him to Izmir to avoid falling into the hands of the police.

The prosecutor continues the investigation.

Shermin packs his bags and goes to the post office and then to Istanbul.

In the center of the post office, the cupboard is empty and Chorak has taken the money. They return to the Emirate.

Chetin sees Zainab, the daughter of his school teacher, and goes to the coffee shop. He was transferred to Chukurova. Lotfieh sees them too. Lotfieh likes Zeinab and praises her for
Consider the thought.

At night, Lotfieh tells Zuleykha that she intends to go to the house she has taken for herself.

In the morning, Chulak gets angry when he sees the writings written against him by Wahhab.

He goes to Abdul Qadir’s forces and follows him.

Chulak goes to the market and draws lines for everyone.

Shermin says Chulak harassed his daughter. She either has to divorce him or have a good life with him.

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Finally, Lotfieh invites Chetin, Zeinab and Fekrat to the club. After dinner, Zeinab and Fekrat go on their way together.

Chetin has found a good house for Zeinab. Zuleykha and Hakan are getting ready for marriage. Everyone is waiting for Lotfieh to read the wedding sermon, and Zuleykha picks up the phone and sits down.

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