Canim Annem Episode 70 With English Subtitle

Forkan hugs Nazli and Murat looks at them secretly from a distance.

A few minutes later, Nazli distances himself from Forkan and, crying, asks him to give him the money his mother wants.

Forkan says that if he gives her money, she wants more. She says that she solves this problem herself and does not allow her or Zeinab to be harmed.

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He says he will come with him. He gets in the fork and leaves. Murat looks at them sadly.

Furkan and Nazli meet Naeema in the park. Forkan tells Naeema that he does not give her money and if he says anything to Zeinab, he does something he does not like at all. Suffer for money?

Naeema says that these words are not important to her ‌ and wants her money.

Forkan angrily says that she will lose her life and if not, she will regret her actions. Does and goes.

Some time later, Nazli is taking care of Zeinab in Murat mansion when Naeema knocks on the door.

Nazli hurries to open the door and asks Naeema what she wants?

He tells her that his mother is dead.

On the other side of the mansion, Mahtab goes to the king and says that a woman at the end of the mansion is talking to Nazli. Malik goes and argues with Naima and asks Nazli to call Forkan.

eNazli goes , Naima tells Malik that they are both alike and Nazli is stupid and deceives him, but he knows the nature of Malik.

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He asks Malik to tell Nazli to do his job and leaves.

Nazli calls Forkan and asks him to come to the mansion. Murat hears Nazli talking to Forkan and gets upset.
Furkan calls his mother and says that he will give her the money he wants, provided she leaves her life. Naeema accepts and says that she can no longer see him if she wants to.

Furkan goes to Murat’s mansion at night. Malik talks to Furkan in front of Murat and Nazli and says that he and Nazli have been waiting for him for a long time and that he should stay with them for the night. He talks about giving her money. Murat gets angry at their secret talk and leaves.

Tomorrow morning, Nazli takes Zeinab to the park. Naeema follows them from a distance.

Nazli is swinging when she sees Naeema and walks towards her. Naeema wants to leave when she encounters a fork.

Furkan gives him the bag of money and tells him to leave and never to return.

Oya puts Karam with her mother outside the cafe and explains to her that she has sent a message to Karam from Yildiz’s phone. Songel says goodbye to her. Get rid of Yildiz’s phone and now they understand that it’s his job.

Songel says that he has no problem and now that they are having fun behind him, they should be a little greedy. He sends a message to the worm to visit her and tells his mother that he is sure that the worm will choose him.

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Songel says that he does not say anything more, but he is sure that the worm will disappoint him.

Karam is sitting in a cafe reading Yildiz’s message. At the same time, they call him from the hospital and say that they want to start a new drug treatment on his father and they need his consent. Karam says that today He comes to the hospital.

Ovia sits in the place where she is with the worm and calls her and asks when she will come to see him.

The worm says that something has happened to her and she can not come.

Ovia says to give her the address to come to her. Karam asks her not to insist and later explains everything to her.

Ovia hangs up the phone and starts crying. She says that she is always right with her mother and has chosen Karam Yildiz.


Karam goes to the hospital and signs the consent form.

He is leaving when Rustam regains consciousness and asks him if his son is Karam? Rustam asks if he was a bad father? Karam says: 《When that dirty memory comes back, I will remember everything》

Tomorrow morning, Karam goes to Ovia’s house. At the same time, they call her from the hospital and she talks and says in her conversation that she came to the hospital yesterday. Ovia comes to the house and hears Karam’s voice.

He listens. He hugs the worm.

The worm explains to him that he had gone to the hospital yesterday to see his father, but did not tell him not to be upset.

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Yildiz is working in his office. He wants to send a message from his phone to his friend that he sees the message sent by Ovia. He starts crying and says that if he really needed the cream, he would not see her.

He says to himself that he does not delete this message and looks at it every day to remember that the worm does not care about him.

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