Canim Annem Episode 71 With English Subtitle

After Naeema leaves, Nazli returns to Zeinab, but she is not on the swing.

Nazli and Forkan look for Zeinab in the park and call her name. Nazli shows Zeinab’s photo to the people in the park. , But no one has seen him.

Fourkan finds Zeinab’s doll around the park and gives it to Nazli. At the same time that they are looking for Zeinab in the park, he takes Malik Zeinab to the mansion with his daughter.

Zeinab has a wound on her hand and is crying. Murat sees them and asks what happened? After dressing Zainab’s hand, Malik pretends to be a benevolent Nazli and says that he does not want to fire anyone, and the important thing is that he has found Malik. Murat insists, and Malik says that he found Zainab in the park with her hand injured and searched the entire park for Nazli, but did not find her.

Murat tells his mother and Malik that they have no right to inform Nazli that Zainab has been found and he wants to see when Nazli realizes that Zainab did not find out.

Some time later, Malik walks by the pool and tells himself that he is lucky and that Nazli finally leaves his life ‌.

Khadijeh hears their words and says to herself that something must have happened to Nazli and she will never leave Zainab ‌. Nazli is happy and returns to the mansion with Forkan.

In the mansion, Nazli hugs Zeinab and asks how she is, Murat asks her to talk to him alone, she is reprimanded in her office and says that if she can not fulfill her responsibilities, she should Let the mansion go and this way is better for Zeinab.

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Karam goes in front of Ovia and explains to him that he had to go to the hospital to see his father yesterday, but did not say anything so that he would not be upset.

Karam says that they have already called the hospital and the necessary work has been done. Evia says that she has no problem and goes to the cafe happily.

Karam goes to his mother and talks to Dr. Rostam on the phone. The doctor says that Rostam is not currently in prison because of his condition, and if they want, they can keep him at home, but if they can not, he can be taken to a psychiatric hospital. Becomes.

After the call is cut off, Karam asks his mother what they should do?

Rostam will never forget what happened to them and they are unforgivable.

Oya, who goes to the cafe, calls her mother and says that she is sure that the worm did not go to Yildiz yesterday and was in the hospital.

Yildiz puts it in his office with a flame and informs him that he will go to Ankara in the next few days and from there he will emigrate to New York ‌. Until now, he has been hoping for a worm in this city, but now he knows that it does not matter to the worm and he wants to leave.

Ovia goes home to make sweets for the cafe, a few hours later the cream goes to Ovia’s house. At the same time, the flame calls her and scolds her that Yildiz agreed to talk to her father because of him, but he He takes Yildiz out of his life and now he wants to quit his job and leave the country. He asks Karam to stop Yildiz from leaving.

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Karam says that he is going to Yildiz right now. He hears the worm and hurries to Ovia and asks her to come with him.

The worm goes to Yildiz and sees him on the street. He takes Yildiz by the hand and asks him not to go.

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