Canım Annem Series Episode 65 with English Subtitles

Murat Birun stands outside the house by the stairs and watches Nazli and Forkan leave.

Khadijeh comes out of the house.

Murat tells her that Nazli has gone out with Forkan.

And wanted to take him.

Murat returns to his room and orders an earring for Nazli.

He enters the room calmly and asks her to have coffee with Malik, but Murat says he has a lot of work to do and can not.

Nazli and Furkan go to the hospital.

They enter Naeema’s room.

Furkan’s mother, seeing him, starts teasing him that they are making her sick.

She tells Nazli: They argue and Forkan’s mother asks them to leave the room.

Forkan says he is not allowed to disrespect Nazli, but his mother tells them to get out of the room.

Who sees and behaves in a way that calms his conscience.

Nazli goes to Furkan who is sitting outside the room.

Furkan apologizes to him for his mother’s behavior.

Forkan brings Nazli home and talks to him in the yard.

Nazli, who sees her unhappiness, tries to comfort her and tells her to cry so that she can calm down.

Forkan says that she does not want to be the child that her mother said and cries for her mother.

Nazli hugs her.

Murat is sitting in his office at home when Avesta calls and says that he has sent her the earrings he ordered.

The postman who brings the earrings receives Mahtab Dam in it.

He sees the card in the box and sees Nazli’s name.

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He is very upset.

The owner takes the package to Murat and says that Mahtab has done it and brought it himself. He is in the yard.

Murat goes to the yard with a box in his hand and at the same time, he hugs Nazli to comfort Forkan.

Karam goes to Ovia’s house to talk to Sungal.

After hearing Karam’s words, Sungal tells her that he does not believe any of his words and asks her not to approach Ovia anymore. Ovia sits in her room for herself and Karam.

He reserves the table to go out for dinner.

He remembers his mother and calls Yildiz and asks her to be up tonight and tell Sungel that he is with her.

Yildiz reluctantly agrees. Halit talks to Sungel.

Sungel, who goes to talk to Ovia, sees that he is not in the room.

At the same time, Olivia’s phone rings and Sungl answers it. He calls the restaurant.

And they announce that they do not have a table for tonight.

Sungel gets angry and when he sees Ovia, he fights with her again.

Karam talks about the past and says that he is happy that Karam is laughing now and wishes him and Oya happiness.

He says that he wants to go to another place where even he does not know where he is.

Yildi When he says goodbye, he hugs the worm.

Sungel, who is standing near the cafe, sees this scene and takes a picture with his phone.

Sungal goes to Ovia’s room.

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He shows Yildiz to her and says that she is a very simple girl, because they used to love each other and she is unaware.

The advisers show Bayazid the photo of the chairman of the conference and say that he is the person who is going to negotiate the peace.

Then they show him the photo of another person and say that the man is known as the vulture and he is going to negotiate. He orders that they stop the negotiations.

Nizam is talking in his room when an analogy is reached and he says that Tekin Gritley has come to see him.

The system that goes to see Tekin, they start arguing and Tekin, after a long discussion, says that he should give him the name 《number five》 who is the killer of his family, and if not, his place is in hell and he gets in the car and leaves.

Mira goes to see the regime and tells him that Bayazid himself acted for his release and he should be happy, but since the government has reached him, the secret room must be cleaned.

Mira goes to the secret room with the regime and after opening Unlocking the fingerprint releases Mira from the system and deletes all the files itself.

After finishing, Mira returns to the system and gives a new order, which is to disrupt the peace meeting between Ukraine and Russia.

Ahmed Himshenli goes to his restaurant to see Tekin and asks him to take over security during the peace talks for Ukraine and Russia.

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Mira goes to the training place and wants to see the man who is going to train with Altai.

Mira gives the man a packet of banknotes and tells him to do something to shed some blood in this training.

The man takes the money and accepts.

Mira calls Akif and wants to talk to him for a while.

Mira asks how Akif and Altai got to know each other.

Akif explains how they got to know each other.

When Altai arrives, Mira says she wants to see the rehearsal.

Talk to the boss Mira says and Altai says

《it’s too hot and too cold and too far away》

he says he feels he knows Bayazid.

Mira says it’s impossible because his boss has always been on top.

Altai and his opponent together They fight and the man punches Elta in the mouth and injures her.

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