Canım Annem Series Episode 67 English Subtitles


In the courtyard of Murat’s mansion, Forkan embraces Nazli.

Murat stands at the door holding the box of earrings and looks at them sadly.

Noticing Murat’s sadness, he realizes that he loves Nazli and is upset.

A few minutes later, Forkan and Nazli talk in the yard.

Forkan says that when his mother left him, he and his father went to Germany to build a new life.

In Germany, everything was new and different for Forkan and getting along.

Those conditions were difficult for him, but the hardest thing was his father’s changes.

This situation was very difficult for him and that is why he went to boarding school and then went straight to university.

He says that he should not bother himself and that he is not alone now and that Murat considers him a part of his family.

Malik, who is very upset, talks to Aisha and decides to make Murat and Nazli separate.

She goes to Nazli, who is playing with the children in the yard.

She tells Nazli that Forkan is very upset.

It is better for him not to be alone tonight and to have dinner with them. He wants to invite Forkan to dinner, and Nazli agrees.

Nazli goes to Murat’s office. Forkan is packing his bags. Nazli asks him to stay tonight and have dinner with them.

Forkan agrees. .
At the dinner table, Malik praises Nazli’s cookie and tells Furkan that Nazli has prepared food for him and wishes he would come to them again to eat Nazli’s cookie again.

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Murat is jealous and upset and everyone notices the change. Behavior of him.

The next morning, Malik goes to Naima and says that he missed her.

During their conversation, Naima says that he is aware of the story that came to Murat’s house as Jamra. He knows, and if Murat’s enemies find out, they will use this against him, and it will be very bad.

Some time later, in Nazli mansion, he wants to take Zeinab and Sanam to the park.

As soon as he opens the door, he sees Naima behind the door.

He sends the children inside the house and wants to talk to Naima alone. He tells her that they can not entertain her as a guest in the house.

Naeema says that she knows that she is in this house instead of Jamra and she is looking for her son.

He wants to send a message to Forkan through her.

He says that if Forkan does not give him one million lira.

Zeinab will find out that her mother is dead and Nazli is not her real mother.

At Ovia’s house, Songel tells him that he is stupid and that Karam and Yildiz are in love.

Sungel agrees and says that he does not talk to anyone to prove that he has been deceived.

Evia says that he is sure that he loves Karam.

After a while, Ovia goes out with the worm. Sungel calls Ovia at home all the time.

Halit asks her not to put so much pressure on Ovia.

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He says that Nazli has left here but has not yet gotten used to Sungal.

At night, Karam and his mother are sitting on the steps of the house and talking to each other about Yildiz. Karam tells his mother that he must be talking about Yildiz with Ovia. Sungel hears what they have to say and gets angry.

Tomorrow morning,

Songel stands in the way of Karam, who is going to his cafe, and says that last night he overheard him and his mother say that he and Yildiz were his mistress.

Karam says that he wants to talk about this today.

Tell Oya. Sungel asks her not to do this, because Oya is very upset and may hurt herself.

When Sungel returns home, Oya is getting ready to leave. Sungel asks him where he is going.

It must be about Yildiz. Songel, who likes Oya and Karam to be separated, is upset to hear this.

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