Canım Annem Series Episode 68 English Subtitles


At the Murat mansion, Naeema tells Nazli that she should call Forkan right now.

At the same time, Zainab comes to the house and asks Nazli when they are going to the park.

Naeema wants to talk to Zeinab, but Nazli stops and He sends Zainab into the house.

He calls Forkan, but he does not answer.

Malik enters the reception hall and sees Zeinab and asks why they did not go to the park.

Zeinab tells the story. Malik looks at Forkan and Nazli’s mother from the side of the mansion and listens to their words.

After Naeema leaves, Malik goes to Nazli and asks about the flow. Nazli describes the whole flow to Malik.

Malik asks how Naima knew about these issues? Nazli says that Forkan had told her. Malik says that Murat should not understand anything, because it is bad for Forkan. Nazli calls Forkan several more times, but he is not available.

Nazli goes to Murat’s office and goes to Forkan. Murat says that he must have something to do and will come in a few hours. He is upset and jealous that Nazli is looking for Forkan.

Some time later, Malik goes to Nazli and tells him to go to the Forkan Hotel himself and talk to him about it.

Nazli agrees and says that he is going to ask Murat for permission. Malik asks him to Murat does not say where he is going so as not to cause allergies.

When Nazli leaves the mansion, Forkan calls him. Nazli asks him to make a place for them to see each other.

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Some time later, Nazli and Forkan see each other in the street. Nazli tells the story to Forkan and sheds tears.

Forkan comforts and hugs him. Morat, who came out of the house to run, He also sees hugs.

Ovia rushes into the cafe. Karam greets her and asks her to sit down. Ovia happily waits for Karam to talk. Karam wants to talk about Yildiz, but his eyes fall on Ovia’s mother outside the cafe and she remembers.

He said that if he told Ovia the story, he might be harmed.

Karam says he asked him to come because he wanted to offer to work with him. Ovia is upset that Karam did not talk about Yildiz. But he does not come to himself and accepts his request. They start cleaning the cafe.

Halit sees Sungel standing in the back of the cafe and asks him what he’s doing there.

He asks her to go to the cafe with him. After welcoming them, Karam goes out to work. Sungal also sits with Ovia and asks what he talked about with Karam. Sungel says badly that it is clear that he is not talking about Yildiz, because then he can not see Yildiz secretly.

Evia gets angry and leaves.

Yildiz works in his office where Ovia goes and says that he has come to thank her.

He talks to Yildiz about the worm’s past. Yildiz sadly gives short and detailed answers.

Who do you think the worm might betray their relationship one day?

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Yildiz says that anyone can betray and of course not everyone’s worm.

At the same time, the courier brings Yildiz’s food and he leaves the room.

He says that Yildiz has no other choice for him and sends a message to Karam from his phone that he is ill and he will come to see him in two hours.

Karam sits in the cafe and sees Yildiz’s message and says to himself: 《

Yildiz, why is this? Do you؟

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