Canım Annem Series Season 1 Episode 63

Episode 63 is the sixty-Thirth episode of season one of “Canım Annem“.

The episode premieres Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 on TV8 .


What Should I Know Today for this Episode?

In Zeinab’s room, Malik stands over Nazli with a bottle of medicine and says that he should do something faster. At the same time, Murat comes and asks what happened? Malek says that he wanted to have coffee with Nazli, but he is asleep. Murat says that it is time for Zainab to take medicine and now Nazli wakes up. Malik desperately asks Murat to have coffee together. Murat says that it should be for later and Malik

Goes angry.

Some time later, Zeinab wakes up and is playing with Nazli and Murat. Suddenly, Zeinab asks Nazli why he does not take her on a bicycle and take her on a picnic? She has always done this before. Nazli is upset. Murat says that when the weather warms up, his mother takes him on a picnic.

At night, when Nazli wants to sleep, Murat sees her and says that he should take Zeinab to a picnic sooner. Nazli says that he does not know how to ride a bicycle. Murat says that they will train together from tomorrow morning, because Zeinab Nazli thanks Murat.

Furkan’s mother calls him and asks for money. Furkan says that he has just sent her money. That he has ruined his life and does more than he wants to do. Then he hangs up. When Forkan returns, he sees Nazli behind him. Nazli hears Forkan’s words but does not come to him and leaves .

Nazli goes to the kitchen. Khadijeh gives him a glass of orange juice. The glass falls out of her hand. Khadijeh says that she cleans the table herself and gives them a sack of food to leave. Malik angrily leaves the kitchen.

Asoudeh rushes into the property and says that Murat wants to teach Nazli how to ride a bicycle and asks him to go to Murat and tell him to get to work and teach himself to Nazli to ride a bicycle. When Nazli and Murat return from the bike ride, Malik greets them. Khadijeh comes from the kitchen and asks them if they want anything. Nazli asks for a glass of orange juice. And Khadijeh goes to open the door. Malik takes the opportunity and pours pills into a glass of orange juice. Aisha enters the kitchen and asks Malik how he is and informs him that the inspector wants to open Jamra’s case again. He explains that Jamreh is in good health and because he is suddenly dead, he becomes suspicious and the case is re-examined. Ayesha asks Malik if he was involved in this case? Malik angrily asks Aisha to leave. Then he thinks to himself that Nazli should not die now.

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Asodeh is sitting in the reception hall and eating juice. Malik enters and is terrified. He thinks that Asodeh has eaten orange juice, but Asodeh compliments him with a glass of orange juice. He asks and asks: رو Did you put the stone in the ship?》

Rustam, who has fallen from the wall, gets up and shakes his head. The police call him and say that he is under arrest. Rustam says in surprise: ک Who is Rustam? Who are you?》

Yildiz says that he may have lost his memory due to the blow to his head. Karam gets angry. Yildiz says that he should not worry because Ovia will be released anyway, but Rustam will be punished until he recovers. There is no ‌.

The worm goes to the hospital to see Ovia. He walks with Ovia and asks her if she is ready to live with him forever? Then she opens a door and Ovia sees Rustam lying unconscious on the bed. Evia is happy and surprised and asks that Rustam is not dead? Karam says that one of his friends is a lawyer and he noticed a problem in the autopsy report and now he has found Rustam.

The worm goes to Yildiz, who is in the hospital, and thanks him for his help. Yildiz says he hopes to make up for some of the injustice done to him. Yildiz wants to go and starts crying. At the same time, Ovia calls Yildiz. Yildiz wipes away her tears and turns to Ovia and the cream. Ovia thanks Yildiz and says that she does not know how to repay her kindness, then asks him For lunch …

… He returns and now he is like his child and asks him to come to their house for food. Yildiz can not refuse and says that he is currently working and will come at another time.

At Ovia’s house, her mother prepares breakfast. Karam and her mother come to their house with food. At the same time, Yildiz comes to Ovia’s house and they sit together at the table to eat breakfast. After breakfast, Ovia brings the cake she made for the cream and says. He is happy because he has friends like Karam and Yildiz.

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They knock on the door and the owner of the house is behind the door and tells Symbol Oya’s mother that they have to evacuate the house tomorrow. He has already brought the evacuation slip and signed the symbol. Shala says that the owner of the house is right and they should evacuate. Oya’s mother gets upset when she hears this and asks when their misfortunes will end ‌ …


Furkan wants to enter Murat’s room at the hotel when one of the managers informs him that he is locked in the room and that Murat and his guest are imprisoned. He says the problem is with the original lock and they may have to make a new one.
Furkan calls Murat and gives him the news. Murat tells Nazli that they have to stay in the room for a few more hours. Morat accepts.

A few hours later, Murat and Nazli sit in a hotehhhl room recounting their childhood memories.


Malik calls Forkan and says he has not heard from him since morning and is curious about what happened. Forkan says. The bad news is that Murat and Nazli have been locked up in a hotel room since morning. Malik is shocked and asks if the two are left alone with each other? Interrupts and says angrily: 《God damn it, whatever I do will benefit this girl》

Murat and Nazli stay overnight in the hotel room. Murat sleeps on the couch and Nazli sleeps on the bed. The next morning, Zeinab calls her father. Murat calls Nazli in a hurry and asks her to talk to Zeinab. Nazli gets up immediately. Zainab asks them to show her the hotel room and explains to them that she cried last night and when they return they have to compensate her ‌. He sees that they are greedy in the hotel.

Malik is walking angrily in a room in Murat’s house. Ayesha calls him and asks if Murat and Nazli came out of the room? Go. Aisha says not to worry and is sure that Murat does not even look at Nazli. Malik angrily hangs up the phone and sends a message to someone saying that they should see each other.
Murat calls Furkan and asks if they have not been able to open the door yet? Furkan says that the spare part has arrived just now. نازلی》
Some time later, Furkan manages to open the door to the room. Murat and Nazli return to the mansion and have breakfast with Zeinab, relaxed and at the property. They also talked, he asked questions, and Malik became angry. After breakfast, Malik hurried out of the mansion to get to his place.
Some time later, Nazli goes to Zainab’s room to tell her a story and puts her to sleep. They are playing with each other and Murat looks at them from outside the room. Khadijeh is passing by and tells Murat that If he did not know the truth, he would have thought that Nazli was really Zeinab’s mother.

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Some time later, Zeinab falls asleep and Nazli falls asleep on a chair. Murat enters the room and throws his jacket on Nazli. The property that has returned to the mansion sees this scene and gets angry. He waits outside the room. He waited for Murat to leave. Then he enters the room and takes the medicine bottle out of his bag and tells Nazli that he has no other choice for him. He says to himself: Be my chance》

Karam helps Yildiz to enter the house. Karam’s mother comes in a hurry and asks what happened? Karam says that Rustam is alive and he tried to hurt Yildiz and his leg was injured. Sadly, Ikash could have delayed him for a few more minutes until the police arrived and arrested him. Karam’s mother goes sadly to fetch ointment for Yildiz’s feet.

Tomorrow morning, Karam and his mother are sitting at the breakfast table. Karam tells his mother that he went to the hospital to see Ovia and talked to her, but Ovia finds love between them impossible, because he thinks he killed Rustam. Karam says sadly that if Ovia finds out that the man is alive, maybe everything will change and their love will be mutual. Karam’s mother says that she has to wait a while, because Ovia has experienced bad things. Karam complains to her mother. Ikash Yildiz is not included in this story


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