Canım Annem Series Episode 71 with English Subtitles

What we should know before Episode 71 of “CanımAnnem“.

The episode premieres Monday, May 16th, 2022 on TV8 .

At Murat’s house, he and Forkan work all night, but each thinks about Nazli and his memories with him separately.
The next morning, Murat goes with Nazli to practice cycling. He comes to visit his mother. Malik says that it is a very good idea and he should contact Murat right now so that they can return soon.

Furkan goes to the yard to answer his mother’s call.

His mother says that he must have a girlfriend and spends his money on her. He is a different human being. At the same time, Forkan returns and sees Murat behind him. Murat asks with a smile, who is this different human being?

Furkan, who is terrified of me, says that Murat does not know him. Murat says that there is nothing wrong with him and knows that Furkan does not talk much about these issues and does not put pressure on himself.

Nazli is preparing fruit for Zeinab in the kitchen when Khadijeh comes to him and shows him the pearl earrings.

Then she says that she bought it for her family’s wedding.

Nazli says that her father had bought the same earrings for her before.  

But he is lost. Murat hears their voices from outside the kitchen and enters under the pretext of drinking water to see the shape of the earrings.

Murat and Forkan are working in the office where Malik goes and says that he needs Forkan’s help for a few minutes. Forkan goes to Malik. Malik tells Forkan in the living room near Nazli that he cannot visit him His mother should come, because her daughter has a dental appointment. Then she asks Nazli not to leave Forkan alone. Nazli asks the flow and agrees to visit her mother with Forkan. .
Murat calls someone in his office and orders a pair of pearl earrings for Nazli. At the same time, Nazli enters the office and asks Murat to let him go out with his friend for a few hours. Murat agrees.
Nazli and Forkan get in the car to leave. Murat sees that Forkan has left his phone and goes to the house to give it to him. He sees that Nazli gets in the Forkan car and goes with him.
At Songel’s house, Ovia and her family are sitting in the living room with Karam and Alvan. Ovia tells her mother not to worry and they will find another place to live. Karam says that the ground floor of their house is empty and the house is furnished, they can take their personal belongings and come there tonight. Alvan also confirms Karam. He opposes and says he is not willing to go there.
Oya and Halit take Sungel to the kitchen to talk to him privately and say that they have nowhere else to go and have to go downstairs to the worm house. Sungal still refuses and says that all this is because of Rustam Has started and is not willing to approach that family.
Yildiz, who is sitting in front of Karam and his mother at the reception, says that he talks to Sungel himself and maybe he can satisfy her. He enters the kitchen after Ovia and Halit and asks Sungel now that he knows her as his daughter. He does not take his word for it and accepts it. He praises Karam and his mother and says that they are good people. Songel agrees.
The next morning, Oya and her family move downstairs to the worm house and are cleaning the house. The worm and her mother help them too. Songel looks at them with a frown. Then he calls Oya to the kitchen. And he says not to be so familiar with the worm, because he is Rostam’s son and finally they have to leave.

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Some time later, Oya wants to put the bedridden person on it.

The worm also helps her. At the same time, Sungal enters and sees them.

Sungal curses them and throws the worm out of the house. Oya cries and tries to tell the story to her. Sungel yells at him and tells him to shut up and if not, he will take his own life.

Sungel goes to Halit and tells him the story and says that they should move and leave as soon as possible. Halit says not to take it hard, Oya also loves the worm and lets them get together.

He does not accept and says that Ovia is stupid and takes her hand and leaves. Will be able to go.

Sungal goes to Karam’s house and fights with Alvan and tells him to control his son and not to have anything to do with his daughter anymore and if not, he will set them on fire. He takes the force with him.
Oya stays at Karam’s house and apologizes to Alwan. Alwan asks why Sungel suddenly became so angry? Karam and Oya tell the story to Alvan and Alvan says that Sungal is right.

Karam tells Oya to go to Sungel and talk to him.

Some time later, Oya and Karam go to Sungal. Karam tells Sungal that he loves Ovia and sees her not as Rustam’s son, but as Karam. Sungal says that his professional fool

He does not eat and has no daughter to give to Rostam’s son. Rostam returns to his house sad.

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Some time later, Ovia goes to the reception hall. Sungel is watching TV.

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