Dast Be Mohreh Serial By Ashkan Khatibi

A realistic game, or a new reality show with famous faces. It has a funny and non-serious atmosphere, and in this sense, it can attract people who don’t connect with mafia-like reality shows these days (Mafia Nights, Secret Army…).

Alireza Khamse, Siavash Cheraghipour, Homan Barknoord, Bijan Banafsehkhah are among the stars of Dast Be Mehre.

The presence of Ashkan Khatibi as its presenter, and his absence in Iran, has greatly questioned the possibility of regular continuation of this series-competition.

Dast Be Mehreh has reached the second season, while its presenter mentioned that its broadcast has malicious intent in an Instagram announcement and has started his own war. He, who shined in the Khatoon series on this platform, has also experienced the Eid program, which was considered a program with a similar atmosphere.

بیشتر ببینید:

Dast Be Mehreh is a conversation-oriented program that also organizes competitions with them. Therefore, it should not be surprising if this program does not continue with a new host, but it was welcomed by other Persian-language networks to not use him in a similar program, for example, with the name Chandshanbe with Ashkan!

Fars news agency wrote that we protest if you count the money. He accused Ashkan Khatibi of riding camels and continued to play Mr. Khatibi’s pawn.

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