Dastane Gole Sorkh Doble Part 1


Can you tell me what happened to my mother? And why do you want to buy the house that my mother inherited for me? The girl at the dinner table tells and asks these things for a family.

An older woman tells her, “My daughter, I told you before that something terrible happened to your mother here.”

But we have not explained it to you so that you don’t get sad. The girl says please explain to me.

So R says you want to buy Ghancheh’s house? The father says, I heard from Hedayat that Ghanche is going to Istanbul and selling this house. I also made an offer. The son asks what’s the rush when the bud has been here for 3 days? The father says it’s a business offer.

The girl asks, when your God made this offer, I did not intend to return. There must be a special reason for buying that aunt. The man denies.

The older man says, Khalil, I wish you would have informed us about your proposal. Ghancheh declares that he will not sell under any circumstances.

The mother complains and tells the daughter to know your severity. The middle son intervenes.

Mother says do you want to know everything about your mother? I say. First of all, this issue concerns your father, Tahir. Toprak wants to calm the bud, but he didn’t succeed. Ghancheh wants to hear what happened in his life.

Sister asks, isn’t it the same house you were designing, bro? Mother says, isn’t this house old? Why is it so important?

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A man is driving on the street. He calls Arda and says that Anche got into a taxi. He went to the house of the Atabis and is going to take account of them. Arda says I will come. Arda is out with a girl: Zainab. Arda goes to get news.

Ghanche tells Toprak that your mother hates my mother and I could never understand why.

Janan’s wife Khalil wants to control her, which Janan says, “I don’t know, do you think you are still thinking about that woman?” Father says that if you tell it will get worse. Arzoo, sister asks what is it that we know and why don’t we tell? Grandfather says Arzoo Jan, this is an old issue, don’t get involved in it.

With the return of the bud and toprak. Toprak asks what is the problem. Janan says I am not angry with your mother, everyone is angry. I can’t say what his sin is, but look at what he did that made everyone angry with him and went to Istanbul.

At this moment, Ghancheh’s mother calls out. The same man who was the driver.

Khalil says to him, “Why did you come here?” There is a conflict between them. In the end, Ghanchea says that he will not come to Istanbul. He takes the suitcase and says I will stay at my mother’s house. Arda arrives at the same moment. He rides the bud to deliver.

When Toprak enters his father’s house, he blames him for looking for danger. Toprak asks his mother what happened. Grandpa says don’t pressure the kids and come with me. Toprak asks his mother not to act like this. Bud is not a bad person. His mother says, do you still say bud? I can’t explain my problem to my son.

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The girl says why are you praising her, Toprak? His sister says that we treated him well. They tell him to choose your side. With your family or are we your enemy?

On the other hand, Arda tries to dissuade Ghancheh from staying at her mother’s house. But the bud resists. Arda tells him you don’t have to have all these problems. The car is full of gas and if I start, you will reach Istanbul in the morning. We will find a job for you and you will continue to live in Istanbul from where you left off. Ghanche says this is the price I have to pay.

He studied industrial engineering. Ghanche says that I will not go anywhere until I find out why they became enemies with my mother. Arda says I will stay here. Tell me what you had to do. He wants to sleep in the car. Ghanche says don’t wait for me. He takes the suitcase and leaves. Arda says to herself, I will wait for you forever.

In the mansion, the elders have a meeting. Grandpa says an old mansion. You could not get this either. you messed up The boy says there is a smart girl who grew up in the city. The girl is stuck, what should I do? Grandfather answers, you know how to dress like English lords and ride a horse, but… you don’t know how to convince that nomadic woman? He also tells Janan, why did you tell him to come here? To be your bride? You didn’t get over it either. He says that I will take care of the inheritance issue myself from now on. Boy, says Khalil, this girl is causing us a lot more trouble than you think. The woman also says that the girl is her mother. I read this from his eyes.

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At his mother’s house, Ghanche dreams of his mother. When he wakes up, he comes out and sees that two rose bushes have turned green in the garden. He smells them and says you smell like my mother.

Seri is playing an instrument in the plain. He hangs the compromise on the tree and addresses the rose at the same time. You see, spring has come. Now you can safely open your buds. We are waiting for it. The path of love requires a little patience.

An old man in a green van with a heart design. He sees a man who is his wife’s brother. He makes his voice.

He asks what are you doing? I am waiting for the answer. waiting for heaven heaven. I have been waiting for him for 8 years. Every year I passed this way. It was not rejected this year. I planted the flower that was in my hand and we are waiting for it together with the flower.

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