Dastane Jazireh Serial Part 1


Haziran, a girl who loves the hustle and bustle of the city, tells her friend that she never wants to be on a remote island away from the hustle and bustle of the people. After his successful conference, he tells the president of the company he works for that he wants to give him the Tokyo project because he loves a crowded city like Tokyo. But the boss tells him that if he wants this position, he must first convince someone named Ali گzgür, who has a large factory on an island, to sell the factory land, because this stubborn and nervous man has been allowed to do so for years. Does not give to anyone. When Haziran hears this, he accepts, although he does not want to go to the island at all.

Poyraz, on the other hand, lives in peace on the island and takes care of his old grandmother who is lying in bed. When one of his friends brings tourists to visit the olive factory without his permission, Poyraz gets very angry and throws everyone out.

Haziran and his friend Birjik go to Jazeera. Haziran does not feel well and is stressed when he is on a ship or at sea. Birjik tries to distract her and talks about Bator, her ex-boyfriend. “Why are you talking to me about Bator now?” Says Haziran. We were only together for a while and then we broke up! »

Poyraz is there when Haziran and Birjik are on the ship and the ship reaches its destination. At one point, when Haziran is standing right next to Poyraz, the wind breaks his hair and Poyraz, who is standing next to him, closes his eyes because of the smell of his hair … Haziran is moaning in front of him, because of everything. he is going. He and Birjik enter the city and go to a small local café and order macchiato and latte, which the owner of the café, a young girl, says: “We only have Turkish coffee and bloody sweets here. Haziran and Birjik are forced to order the same. Haziran, thinking of eating homemade sweets, thinks for a moment and says: “There are the same sweets that my grandmother brings me …” When the leader of a group finds love about a well that he throws a coin into it He talks, Haziran smiles and says to Birjik: “Think of falling in love here and having to stay on the island for the rest of your life. »

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Haziran enters the cafe for a moment, at which point the owner argues with Ali گzgür and says: “Really break your nerves! “The whole city really hates Ali Ozgur!” Haziran tells Birjik when he hears this. »

Haziran and Birjik go to the beach. At that moment, Poyraz stares at the sea with his torso naked, and Haziran stares at him as a teenage boy sits next to Haziran to flirt with him. Haziran says to escape: “My boyfriend There it is! The boy also goes to Poyraz and says: “Uncle Poyraz, your girlfriend by the beach. Poyraz gets a little upset when he hears this!

Haziran enters the olive factory with the rest of the tourists to take photos of the documents there, and if Atoi can get caught, he immediately enters Poyraz and takes everyone out. Haziran is left alone and is looking for an escape route that encounters Poyraz. “This is personal property!” It is not a tourist place where you dropped your head and came down! Haziran also says angrily: “I heard that your boss is a very bad person, but he is really lucky that he has a bad employee like you!” And he himself goes out of the door, where Poiroz says it is better not to go that way, but Haziran comes out stubbornly and gets stuck in the mud with his high heels, and Kelly grumbles!

Haziran happily calls his boss and says, “According to the factory documents, it is going bankrupt and there is no need for our efforts. Ali Ozgur has to sell there. The boss immediately asks Haziran to send the documents to show the bank that the bank is doing its job and pulling the factory out of Ali Ozgur’s clutches!

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Haziran and Birjik decide to leave, as soon as Haziran meets his aunt. My aunt is very happy to see him because they have not seen each other for years. Haziran is forced to accept his aunt’s invitation and go home. Then he asks: “What happened to your fight with my mother, aunt?” The aunt is silent and says that it is better to ask her mother … The night Haziran’s mother calls her, she emphasizes that if she sees her aunt, she should not turn to her at all and should not talk to her. Haziran does not say that he is in his aunt’s house right now.

Haziran and Birjik rush to the ship to return to Istanbul, but the ship moves and they are forced to stay there for another night, and Haziran is very upset about this.

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