Div Va Mahpishooni Serial

A fantasy and children’s work that begins with an unpleasant story for children.

It is the life story of an alchemist who has a six-year-old daughter and his wife is pregnant. Preparing an elixir and engaging in a spell. The evil demon is the goal of the story to break his spell.

Its actors are Ramin Naser Nasir, Hassan Pourshirazi, Hossein Zwanat, and Sesha Eskoui, Mir Taher Mazloumi and Afshana Baygan. The work is based on a clichéd story with all the elements of an authorized Iranian fantasy. A theatrical space for children that seems. He comes as often as he should and maybe he didn’t have an auditor to take care of the children.

If you are looking to entertain your teenager, it may be a suitable option, but if you have a child at home, you may need to wait a little to watch Demon and Moonlight, perhaps more accurate and careful works will be made in these years of his growth, and watching it is no longer an issue. be

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Dave and Mahpishouni series is a busy series based on old stories. A colorful series whose intention was to colorize a work and produce a glamorous product. So, it is not strange to know that before this, there was a series with many actors and colorful, like Khale Sosuke’s hashtag, which was also a product of the same company that produced Dave and Mahpishuni.

Filmo has published only one other work for children before this, which was called Coconut. One of the strong points of Dave and Mahpishani’s acting is the child actor Satish Mousavi.

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