Ebi Apologies From Iranians


Early Nowruz, I had an end to the Persian Independent, which was very marginalized. I was waiting for neurotic concerts. We all quiet to have a pain.

I used a mistake in this conversation. My sentence was not politically wrong, and I apologize for all my friends from all my friends.

my dears. I always sincere with you, my speech. Sometimes I do not care about my words and I think you know me more than anyone. I know that you look at my workbook quite aware of the political, social and national works that I have been proudly, and the same forced exile that has separated my forty years from you is a reason for my politicality. I’m sure to get me.

The story of the Persian Gulf song has been re-raised. This happens every few years and runs between me and you. We can not meet in our country and we have to meet in neighboring countries. For many years ago, I decided to respect the rules of these countries. I myself hurt for many years for this decision and annoyed some of you. I do not know that this decision was right or wrong, but I’ve always listened to my heart and here this my heart chose my first.

I am looking for a world without war and I hope you are friends with me too. On the other hand, I believe that maintaining the territorial integrity of every country is the responsibility of its government, which unfortunately [..]. But ultimately, I must say that this sensitivity to me proved that the role of bold and the task is to be my responsibility, which is my honor.

Watch:   All concerts were Canceled due to Radio Javan

I am Abraham Hamedi, your small, with a new love and conscience alongside you, my coast of civilization in the Persian Gulf, Fars, Fars.

Your sir, I love you from here until the heart of Tectton.

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