Erşan Kuneri Series Episode 2 English Subtitles


Episode 2 is the Second episode of season one of “Erşan Kuneri“.

The episode premieres May 13th, 2022 on “netflix türkiye“.


What Happened Before?

Arshan Connery’s story begins in 1981 in front of the prison.

Two people are waiting for him to be released.

He is informed that projects such as a bomb have been prepared for him.

The first part of the series begins.

A film by Arshan Connery is being shown on Sibnama.

In a private show, the comrades gather around and watch it.

It is a matter of competition.

The goal is to oust James Bond and others.

He is preparing his mindset for his own projects and they are talking about future projects.

Safia is waiting for him and is sitting in his office.

Everyone is encouraging him to make a detective film.

Ershan Connery wants to make a love, romance and adventure film.

They see the scenario they are reviewing as an avant-garde, sexy, multi-layered story. ا

The hole soap advertisement has come for Arshan.

And they need to be measured!

Muammar is in the cafe. That a woman associates with him.

It is fluid.

Recommended as an actor.

Muammar announces that the previous project has been canceled and a new project has started.

Sial, who realizes that Muammar is close to Arshan Connery, associates with him more kindly.

Farideh and her friends are working on a rehearsal platoon for Arshan Connery.

Familiarity with Farideh and Aloo

The case of a doubler named Ihan who is with Ibrahim Tomtum.

She has problems with him too.

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Ershan accepts him and writes a check for 2,000 lire for him.

In the next scene, we see that they are practicing the scenario.

And from this scene we go to the film.

Now all the characters are being ridiculed in a comedy movie that has a lot of sexy and erotic allusions.

The moment of humor comes and makes you laugh.

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