Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey Episode 30 English Subtitles


Episode 30 of “Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey“. The episode premieres Tuesday, May 3th, 2022 on FOX TV.

Sanam and Bora go to court with Azra and Afeh. They are in court to ask for their marriage to be annulled.

Afeh, as Bora’s lawyer, tells the judge that they love each other very much and it is not right for the judge to hear from them.

gives. In the same court, Afeh tells Azra that I want to go to dinner with a woman I love very much and I want to buy clothes and I want you to come with me and choose clothes.

Azra, who is jealous of the woman that Afeh is with, chooses the ugliest and most inappropriate clothes for him and tells him outside Afah’s shop that the woman I want to go to tonight with you is for dinner and I love you and Azra accepts the taste.

Cholpan, who is involved in Golestaneh’s case, gets a name that is very familiar to him.

He calls Azra and asks her about that person, and Azra says that she was a dirty gynecologist who had many offenses.

Afa and Azra die with the help of a shepherd.

They go to the doctor who gave Golestan’s son a birth permit, and under the pretext that they do not have children, they talk to that doctor and find out that he is doing wrong things.

They immediately go to the house where Golestan is and realize that it is one o’clock to take him to the terminal to be taken to his hometown.

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Sanam and Bora go to the counselor, but there they still get into a verbal argument and the counselor tells them that they should separate.

Azra and Afeh follow the bus to Golestan by car and stop it on the way and take Golestan home with them.

In the house of inks, courtship ceremony is underway.

Arman and Cholpan shake hands and Bora realizes that Chulpan hates her and wants to leave the house.

Arman and Julpan hear what they have to say, and Arman gets angry that Bora has changed his last name to ink, and Julpan faints when he hears that they are married.

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