First Look: ‘Arayış’ on Disney+

Disney Plus, the digital platform of the Disney company, which is expecting a great series like Atatrek, has now announced its plans for the new season.

According to Disney Plus Turkey’s announcement, a series called Arayish is coming under the production of IPaym (producer of Gudal/Chokur, Family, Three Coins, etc.) starring Asli Anwar and Mehmet Gonsor.

In this series, Nisan (played by Anwar) has a sick, unhappy and lost soul immersed in a city life. While befriending a person in a counseling session, he becomes aware of his absence and he disappears. Looking for him, he reaches a suspicious cult. Now he cannot remain indifferent to this sect. These adventures bring him into an unknown and new world. Getting to know a mysterious man named Tofan is the main cause of these events.

بیشتر ببینید:

The general theme of the series is metaphysical issues, love and existence. This series will soon be shown on #Disney_Plus.

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