Football 360: Adel Ferdosipour interview Ali Daei – Part 1


In the first part of the conversation between Adel Ferdowsipour and Ali Daei, you will see:
Ali Daei and the post of President of the Football Federation?
Uncle: Outdoor lobbies do not allow work
Ali Daei protests against the economic problems of the people
Ali Daei’s reaction to the rumor that he was banned from working…
Uncle: They were looking for me to fall
Ali Daei: I traded…
Ali Daei’s memories of working as a teenager
Uncle’s reaction to the unfavorable situation of the Football Federation and the current situation of Iranian football
Uncle talks about the offer of coaching the national team
Uncle: They did not let it happen!
Uncle: In this country, they have an angle with whoever grows up
Uncle’s reaction to the slander of his support of a particular government
Ali Daei and Adel Ferdowsipour play ping pong!

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