Full biography of Tara Karimi, Reza Rooygari’s Young Wife


She married Reza Rooygari at the age of 23 in 2013. The couple’s marriage was marginalized due to the age difference of 43 Reza Roygari with Tara Karimi, and from the point of view of some, this marriage was an unusual marriage.

Tara Karimi’s father and sister oppose her marriage to Reza Rooygari. 

Tara Karimi, who was only 23 years old when she married Ravigri, talks about her parents’ opposition to the marriage: “My father was against it and even my older sister kept telling me what happened. You had another plan for your life and you did not want it.” Get married.

But it happened anyway. Many people said that Reza is your father’s place and avoid this marriage, but I did not care what people said.

The story of Tara Karimi’s acquaintance with Reza Roigari in her own words
Tara Karimi, who met Ravigri in Shiraz, says that she did not know he was an actor before she met him: “I did not know him as an actor at all and I had not seen anything from him.”


Honestly, Reza Roigari was invited as a guest at the opening of a program in Shiraz, and my friend was also the host. When we went to the airport to greet him, I saw him for the first time and we met during the few days he was there.

He continues: I really did not know that he was an actor until then and he offered me to watch the movie “Boutique” and when I saw this movie, I was really scared and thought that his character would not be like the character in the movie.

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That’s why I didn’t answer his phones for a while until he texted himself and I asked, “Is that your character?” And he replied that it was just a role and then suggested that I see the “tenants” and then the “power of attorney”.

Not interested in acting?

Tara Karimi - Reza Rooygari
Tara Karimi – Reza Rooygari

Tara: I believe that acting comes from an inner feeling whose ability must be inherent in the person. Although the general public thinks they can be actors.

Ms. Karimi, do you like Mr. Roigari’s voice?

Tara: I love her voice. Well, Reza’s voice is very beautiful. But after the illness, when they read and heard something, I was left with no idea that this is really his voice? What I really want is for Reza to be able to read again.

Mr. Roigari, do you have an archive of your work?

Tara Karimi - Reza Rooygari
Tara Karimi – Reza Rooygari

Reza Roigari: I do not have them all. Sometimes I do my homework and see it. I have not seen “Shahgoosh” completely yet. Many define it; Even Davood Mirbagheri says: “Reza, you brought your beautiful game in this work.” I do not think it is bad to see his work sometimes. Sometimes the songs I sing I get so upset that I can no longer sing. I hope to return to those days sooner.

Did you have any plans to work with your spouse?

Reza Roigari: I wanted to give him a film that had a good role if I made it. I have written a plan of my life that if one day I make it, I will give my role to Tara.

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