Funeral of Reza Shah Pahlavi

Wednesday, May 6, 2016 is the 70th anniversary of Reza Shah's funeral in the city of Rey, Tehran


Funeral of Reza Shah Pahlavi,Wednesday, May 6, 2016 is the 70th anniversary of Reza Shah’s funeral in the city of Rey, Tehran. Of course, Reza Shah died in Johannesburg in August 1323, and in November of that year, because Iran was still under Allied occupation, it was decided to move his body from there to Cairo.

Funeral of Shah of Iran, 1980

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Seven years later, it was decided to return the body of Reza Shah to Iran. Which was intended for carrying coffins in special wagons, moved to Tehran through different cities.
Three days later, on May 6, 1329, the train arrived in Tehran, and after a glorious ceremony, the body of the founder of New Iran was buried in a tomb built for him next to the shrine of King Abdolazim in the city of Rey.

This is the first time that the complete and historical film of the transfer of the body from Cairo to Iran and then the last trip of Reza Shah from Ahvaz to Tehran and the funeral ceremony in Tehran will be shown.

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