Googoosh 2022


In 2022, Googoosh first made headlines by releasing a song with a southern Iranian accent.

He released this song, which was a retelling of a work by Nasser Abdollahi .

She won the hearts of the southerners of Iran.

After that, on Nowruz 1401, he and you appeared on the television network Manoto TV Norouz 1401, which for years seemed to be a bad relationship. With his presence, the rumors were denied.

Googoosh announced on the program that he had conducted a detailed interview with Homa Sarshar, an Iranian journalist living in the United States, which will soon be broadcast on the Manoto network.

After that, Googoosh went to the Dubai Expo. Where the Iranian government was not satisfied with his presence. Videos of him being greeted went viral.

Googoosh went on to say that he would sing the song himself after that Ebi announced that he would not sing about the Persian Gulf.

He also visited a commercial construction company called Damak, whose photos were released.

On April 10, 2022, Bahman Babazadeh, an Iranian music reporter, announced that Googoosh had Parkinson’s disease, which affected his voice.

Googoosh has not yet answered this question.

Googoosh, who was in Iran for decades and did not leave Iran after the revolution, did not publish any of his works at that time, but this year in 2022, one of his old works that he read in his youth was published for the first time: Rooze Khoob (Good day):

This article will be updated by the end of 2022, according to Googoosh’s activities and news related to him.

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