Googoosh, A Hero With Just One Version: Manoto TV


We have to admit that the conversation between Googoosh and Homa Sarshar in Manoto TV was a tragic fall in Googoosh’s artistic era.

The conversation details the smallest details of the hero’s personal life.

There is no verification of these narrations and it seems that these narrations are supposed to be the only surviving document from all the times of Googoosh.

There is no mention of Googoosh’s vague relationship with “Raha Etemadi” in this conversation.

There has never been any mention of Googoosh leaving Iran in and other questions.

 It’s like we’re watching a watery Indian movie that goes from trying to make a superstar look “clean and pure.”

A star who has inadvertently become addicted, has inadvertently given in to wrong marriages with billionaires.

Also inadvertently speaks ill of everyone, and is himself “omniscient” and “pure” …

I was only thinking about the heroism of several generations of Googoosh

the dreams that were lost, and in my opinion, Googoosh can now be a collapsed symbol of the grandeur of a generation …

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