Gulumse Kaderine Series Episode 4 English Subtitles


Episode 4 is the tirth episode of season 1 of “Gulumse Kaderine“.

The episode premieres Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 on FOX TV.

In the house of power, Hajar stands next to the entrance and cries.

Ada anxiously wants to go out and look for his helper.

Hajar asks him to stay at home and wait. John, Neil and the rest of the house are worried.

They are standing in the reception hall.

Nawal comes to Hajar and says that he will talk to her later because he has invited the guest without prior notice.

At the same time, Akin enters with Yarn.

Akin explains that his car had broken down and that he had accidentally found Yarn in the forest. At the same time, Power and his daughter Damla arrived.

The lady calls Firat and says that they should deliver the diamonds to the customers faster and if not, both of them will die. Firat says that she is conscious and will take the bag from the girls sooner.

He wants to leave in a hurry when his father sees him.

Kennan argues with Firat about why he stole the gun from the company and his uncle gradually distrusts him and makes Akin chairman of the board.

Firat tells his father that he is so He does not speak like children.

He will become richer in power in the future.

Eda and Yarn quarrel at Hagar’s house.

They are strange in this city and they can not leave the house.

At the same time, Hajar comes and Eda and Yarn end their discussion without result.

While sleeping, Yaren asks Ada if she looked inside the bag.

Ada lies no and tells herself that when she sells the diamonds, they will both be saved.

The next morning, John calls Ada and says that he is waiting for her at the entrance of the forest.

Ada hurries to get dressed and leaves.

They see each other and John asks Ada not to tell Nile about their relationship.

At first, he scares John, but then he calms down that he is not saying anything.

After John leaves, Ada tells herself that she will get his account later.

A few minutes later, Daphne calls Yaren’s phone and asks him to take her with them this weekend.

His heart goes out to them.

Hajar is working in the kitchen when Nawal comes to him and says that he no longer has the right to invite anyone home without his permission and that Yarn and Ada should leave the house tomorrow.

Sibel, Ada and Yarn work together and talk about the people in the house.

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Sibel says that Firat does not live in this house and Ada and Yarn breathe a sigh of relief.

at the age of nine he became an orphan and they raised him like their own son ‌.

Yarn is moved to hear the story of Akin’s life.

At breakfast, Yarn and Ada set the table.

Nawal sees them and asks what they are doing there. Sibel says they are working there from now on.

Why did he hire a servant without his knowledge?

Qudrat says that he had fired all of them before he trusted him, and this time they are familiar with Hajar and trusted.

After leaving power, Nawal tells Hajar that if the slightest mistake is made by the girl He sees that he fires both her and the girls.

Akin is working in the company when a woman comes to him and cries and says that her husband has worked in this company for a lifetime and is now retired.

When her retirement work was done, Firat gave her papers to sign.

Her husband did not read the papers and signed them.

Firat has set up a company in her name and is cheating on others, and her husband has been arrested.

She says that she informed Firat and she said that she was investigating, but Her husband committed suicide in prison yesterday and his life was barely saved.

Akin sends him to the legal department and says that he is taking care of his work. Firat says that everything is a lie and he tries to make his uncle pessimistic so that he can own the company.

Then he insults Akin’s father. Akin punches Firat and people gather around them and kill them.

They separate.

Some time later, Firat goes to a person and buys some fake diamonds from him.

Then he goes to the lady and gives her the fake diamonds and says that the girls did not know that he was in the diamond bag.

The lady gives the money to Firat and He goes to Salim and delivers the diamonds.

Firat looks at them through the CCTV camera and says that no one can talk to them, because this film proves that they have delivered the goods. Then he contacts Salim. He takes it and arranges to see him somewhere.

Firat and Salim see each other next to a valley. He will call Matin.

Then he fires a gun at Firat. They fight and the gun is accidentally fired at Firat and Salim dies.

Firat puts Salim in the car and throws the car into the valley.

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At dinner, everyone is sitting at the table and Eda and Yarn are having dinner.

Suddenly Firat arrives and heads to

Yaz sits down. Yaren and Ada look at him in fear.

Firat looks at them and tells them to serve him.

Yaren puts food in front of him.

He takes water and asks her for water.

He tries to make Akin angry.

Akin wants to get up from the table.

Aisha says to stay and someone has to go.

He explains to them that Akin has plotted to make her look like a swindler and has beaten him in front of everyone today.

Then he says that in fact their fight is over a girl.

Akin does not answer and leaves.

After dinner, Kenan goes to his brother’s room and asks him to stop Akin and not make him the chairman of the board.

The power asks him to say his real request

. Ghodrat says that he never works and he and Firat have only harmed the company and until they pay their debts, no share will be given to them.

Kennan goes and says that he is from He regrets this decision.

The power of the photo takes him and Yarn’s mother out of his desk drawer and he looks at it. Then he puts the photo in the drawer and locks it in it and hides the key.

He sees and then enters the room when he is not there and looks at the picture.

Firat goes to Hajar’s house and looks for Ada and Yarn’s room for the diamonds, but he can not find the diamonds hidden in the vase.

At the same time, Ada enters the house.

Firat grabs her throat and says If he does not tell the place of the diamonds, he will kill him, but Hagar arrives and Firat is forced to flee.

Yaren is feeding a cat outside the house at night when Akin sees him and gives him his mother’s necklace.

Yaren is happy and hugs Akin.

Ayesha secretly sees them and cries.

Does go inside the house.

Tomorrow morning, Ayesha has a meeting with some of her friends.

Akin is present with her cousin who is a photographer and works in a power company.

Ayesha orders Yarn in front of them and tries to make her small.

Akin gets nervous.

A friend of Yaran says that he has lost his ring.

Akin remembers that he took the watch from Yaran’s hand and thinks that Yaren stole the ring.

He says that he thought to himself that if he was given another chance, he would correct himself and ask him to return the ring.

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Yaren says that he slandered him and the ring is not in front of him.

He follows Akin and brings him back to the guests ‌.

When they return, their guest says that his ring is in his coat pocket and he should be more careful.

Akin regrets what he said to Yaran ‌.

Firat informs Banoo that the diamonds are counterfeit and he has been forced to kill Salim.

Banoo cries and says that they are in trouble and should take the diamonds back from the girls and flee the country.

Firat does not accept and He says he has to take back the shares from his uncle.

Some time later, Ada, who has gone shopping with Hagar, enters a jewelry store to ask about the price of the diamonds.

The lady sees him and looks at him with suspicion.

Ada is on her way home when the lady arrives and says that they can sell the diamonds without Firat realizing it.

She says that she will send her a location tonight and if she wants to bring one of the diamonds and get her money, the rest of them They sell it when the customer finds it and halve the money, because the diamonds do not have a serial number and he can not sell them.

Ada does not accept and leaves.

At night, Ada goes to see the lady.

Ada sees the lady by the river and gives her one of the diamonds and takes fifty thousand liras.

They sell, they run away together.

When he leaves, the lady rides in Firat’s car.

Akin goes to the kitchen and wants to talk to Yarn.

Yaren leaves the kitchen at Hagar’s insistence, but tells Akin that he has nothing to say to her ‌.

He locks the door. Ayesha sees them and waits behind the door in astonishment.

Yaren leaves the room.

Ayesha slaps Yarn in the face.

Naval goes with Gonul to the opening of his cosmetics brand.

Gonul hears two people talking about a girl whom Power once loved.

The two women go to Nawal and tell him in front of everyone that he had not been to this city for a long time and that it must be difficult for her to come to a city where her husband was in love with another girl.

Naval is upset. She gets in the car and asks the driver to take her to the cemetery.

She goes to the grave of Yaren’s mother and complains that her husband still loves her and his wife

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