Gülümse Kaderine Series Episode 5 English Subtitles

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Nawal goes to the tomb of Firoozeh Gunesh, her husband’s ex-lover.

She is tired and wants Firoozeh to leave her life and her husband’s heart. At the same time, the cemetery guard comes and asks him if he has anything to do with Firoozeh, because he has never seen anyone other than his daughter at his grave. He gets angry and asks himself: Does Firoozeh have a daughter’s power?》

He asks the guard that he does not know where his daughter lives? The guard answers in the negative ‌ At the same time, Gonul finds Nawal in the cemetery. He takes a few photos of her.

Ayesha goes to her room and finds in her closet the clothes she had previously given to Hajar, which are all torn. She runs downstairs and thinks that it is Yarn’s job. She sees that Yarn and Akin enter a room. And Akin locks the door.

Ayesha stands behind the door in disbelief. Inside the room, Akin apologizes to Yarn, but he refuses and leaves the room. Outside the room, Aisha slaps Yarn in the face. And he says that he should leave this house right now.

Akin asks Aisha to be calm and asks what happened?

Yaren sends, Aisha says that she does not want anyone to go home with her clothes and she tells this to Yaren and she tore the clothes and put them in her closet.

Yaren says that she did not do this and does not know anything.

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Gülümse Kaderine Series Episode 5 English Subtitles
Gülümse Kaderine Series Episode 5 English Subtitles

Aisha He throws her out of the house and throws her clothes at her. At the same time, the power and Damla, who want to enter the house, see them. And except him Is that how they trained him? He asks Aisha to go to her room and wait for her.

Aisha goes to her room and calls her mother. Nawal, who is sitting next to Gonul in the car, asks her to calm down and take her medicine to come home.

Akin goes after Yaren. Yaren cries and says that he no longer stays in this house and does not tolerate Aisha’s bullying.

Akin asks her to come to her house with Ada and work there.

Yaren refuses and He says he is waiting for Ada and when he returns he leaves. Akin wants to help him but Yarn refuses and Akin leaves.

At the same time, Ada arrives and asks Yarn why he cried?

He praises and asks Ada if he tore his clothes?

Ada says that this is Aisha’s right and it is still counting on her. River.
Ayesha disrupts everything in her room and wants to take her anti-depressant pills.

At the same time, she opens the power in the room with a spare key.

Ayesha hides the pills behind her pillow.

Ayesha sits down and looks at the broken items and asks if her anger has subsided.

Ayesha says that she is not angry, but she is disappointed that she and Akin have taken the side of a maid.

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Aisha promises and apologizes.

The power kisses her daughter’s hand and asks her what is hidden behind her pillow?

Aisha gives the box of pills to her father.

He asked if he had not given up the pills and his mother knew?

Aisha confirms and says that she has never been able to give up the pills completely.

Power says good night to Aisha and leaves.

Yarn and Ada gather their belongings at Hajar’s house and want to leave.

They go, but the guards do not open the door and say that it is the order of power.

At the same time, power comes and says that it has trusted them and given them a place to live and work, now like the house where they work Do they go?

Like fugitives? Yaren says that they thank him for his kindness, but they do not want him to stand in front of his daughter.

He kindly says that he feels responsible for the two young girls and can not let them go out at night.

Naval comes home and goes to the power room.

Qudrat asks him why he did not inform him that his daughter is taking antidepressants?

Nawal says that he does not take care of his children.

Then he asks her to stop. Do not shout at his daughter in front of the servants.

Power says that Aisha’s bad behavior is her fault and her daughter is as proud as she is.

Naval angrily says that power blames her for everything because she hates him and thinks that if He had married the woman

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n and had a better life.

The power, which does not know about Firoozeh’s death by Nawal, angrily says that he left the woman years ago and Firoozeh also went abroad and has another life. Naval says that if He had not intervened.

he had left her and her children many years ago. You forget it so I can forget it》

Tomorrow morning, Qudrat talks to Aisha and says that she should apologize to her for her behavior, because her behavior was not appropriate at all, and she also promised the girls that their place is safe under this roof.

Aisha is angry

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