Gulumse kaderine Series Part 6 English Subtitles


Naval is walking in the photo exhibition and sees Yaren’s photo.

Neval is about to read Yaren’s real name under the photo board when he comes to power and looks at Nawal angrily. Naval asks why he is angry? At the same time, Kenan rushes to them. ا

Qudrat says nothing has happened and leaves. Kenan wants to seek power. He does not say a word.

Akin is looking at Yaren when Firat goes to him. Firat says that Yaren is his and it is better that he does not think about her anymore, because it is possible that he will end up like his father and they will betray him.

Akin A handful of frogs strike and a fight ensues. Reporters take pictures of them and large crowds gather around them.

Power goes to a restaurant and sits alone.

Kennan walks up to him and says he was sure he was here. He asks if he wants to tell Naval everything? Power says no, then scolds him for going He wanted to tell her about Firoozeh’s condition, but she realized that he was dead and did not say anything.

He had deceived Firoozeh and had not told her that he was married. Power wants him to be silent.

Akin drinks a drink at his house and loses consciousness. Yaren and Ada return to the mansion.

Ada tells Yaren that it is better to go to Akin’s house and bandage the wound on his face. Yaren disagrees but Ada He says this is a human issue.

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Yaren goes to Akin’s house with his bandages. He opens the door and greets Yaren. Yaren bandages his face.

Akin thanks him and says he wants to trust him. Then he He kisses. Yaren leaves the house in a hurry. He is embarrassed and his face is red, but he is happy and smiles.

The next morning, Akin texted Yarn and asked her to come to the yard. Yaren happily walked over to him.

When all the news is cleared. Yaren gets upset. Then he asks Akin if he wants to say anything else? Akin answers in the negative and leaves.

Kenan wants to go to work and tells himself that he does not offer her to Nawal with both hands until he understands what the story of the girl in power is. He goes to Hajar’s house. Yaren opens the door. He asks about his relationship with Hajar.

Yaren answers his questions and says that his father’s name was Mustafa.

Some time later, Yarn drinks water in the kitchen and leaves. Kenan, who was looking at him, enters the kitchen and picks up the glass and takes it with him.

Aisha’s friends ask her who Akin’s girlfriend is?

Aisha invites them to come to her house. They get dressed when their guests are entertained. Ada gets angry, but Hagar convinces her and tells them to take off their clothes after the party.

The guard of the mansion returns from leave and goes to the kitchen. He greets Hagar and Sibel.

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Then, while drinking water, he stares at Ada. He likes to argue angrily with Ada and says that he must like marrying a rich man and does not consider people like the guard worthy.

Ada confirms, then says why he does not marry the guard himself? Hagar cries and says that Sibel does not want to marry anyone. Yaren asks him why he is upset.

Ms. Nawal helped them financially and when the donor was found, she sent them out on a private plane, so she owes it to Nawal for the rest of her life. He does not want her. Ada apologizes and says that he also talks to Sibel.

Some time later, Aisha’s friends arrive. They talk about Yarn and each of them comments on Rajab‌.

At the same time, Yaren and Ada come to the reception with the food service.

It’s their house and Laleh used her photo, Akin was heartbroken for Yarn and took her to a party with him. Yaren and Ada get angry.

They will go when Aisha deliberately breaks a glass and asks Yaren to clean it .
She takes some pictures of Yaren cleaning. To understand.

Yarn and Ada have gone to the kitchen and are arguing with each other. Naval comes to the kitchen and sees Ada and Yaren’s clothes.

Then he tells Hajar that from now on Ada and Yaren should wear the same waitress clothes.

He argues with her that he should not let Eda and Yarn come to the party, and that he has made him equal to his servants. Hajar apologizes and says that it will not happen again.

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Firat is leaving the house when a car stops him.
The car opens and the lady is sitting in the car with her mouth and hands closed.

Someone points his gun at Firat and tells him to get in the car faster.

Matin’s men take Banu and Firat to him. Firat says that he only had a few minutes with Saleh about the land he wanted to sell.

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