Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)


Episode 1 is the first episode of season one of “Gulumse Kaderine“.

The episode premiered on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 on FOX TV.

A girl is walking happily on the street with an ambush car. The driver comes towards him with gloves on. Turquoise buys oranges and crashes while crossing the street. The driver escapes by car.

We see the woman’s necklace, which is now the neck of another young girl. Sleeping in the orphanage. His name is Yaran.

His friend wakes him up. It is a time of silence and they want to go somewhere together. They leave the room and sneak into the orphanage. Since the sanatorium officials are awake, they want to go further.

They take themselves to the funeral, a little girl who has fallen asleep and is ready. Dafneh is sick and his respiratory system is attached to him. Yaren does not know of the escape and thinks they are going to a birthday party. Is the birth of Dafneh. Daphne’s surprise is that they are about to escape.

They enter a place that is dark. They go to the management technical room and turn on all the lights. City is a game. The whole world around them is full of light.

The top of the carousel dies. His wish is for Yaran to become a doctor and make him well, because Marwa is dying. When they come down, the guard follows them and they run away. This is not the first time they have done so.

On the way back, Ada is with John and wants to be separated from the others.

Eda is back tomorrow morning. He enters the dormitory. She is another girl who is his enemy. Its name is AIPAC and it has two novices.

Ms. Siblin called her and asked for her. He asks, “How many times have you done this?” They complained to him and he understood everything. Ada also comes out in support of Yarin and says that the health condition of the burial in the middle was a criterion. Ms. Ciblin says she does not report to management but must comply.


Yarin is reading a book in the library, and when he arrives, he assures her that you will be accepted. He wants to tell her last night. Together they go to the place where Ada wants to take Yarin.

They have come to see Elif. Elif has been back for a few days. His cousin is a badass. Elif says he was sent to the dormitory.

He also brings souvenirs for the children and gives them bags. Stretched from stores.

Ada wants to convince them to come to John’s party.

Elif’s grandmother comes who is blind. He is congenitally blind. Ada wants to ask him if he will die or not? The woman says you are a naked girl and you do not think about anything. It is enough that everything is to your liking, nothing else matters to you. You ask for your wishes. What you want is not love. Get rich. He says I did not say you will be happy, when you get money you will understand that it is not enough.

When the children get up, he takes the helper by the hand and says, “They did not let you rest in your mother’s womb either.” They did not want you. Your mother is stuck in an insecure place and you have to separate your destiny from your mother. There is nothing to fear. You are like a butterfly. You can not escape if you want to. Whatever they write to you happens. Your father is like kings.

He was surrounded by snakes that want to kill you, but you have to be careful. Then you will be immersed in love like falling into a deep well. By eating this way and that, you get to where you need to be.

He talks about his acquaintance with someone who comes to his own destiny and they get to know each other.

Yarin’s father, Qudrat, is the manager of a large holding company called Akal. We see him in the management room behind the phone. Talk to a doctor about a private problem.
A young boy comes to his room. Power puts papers in front of him to sign and henceforth becomes chairman of the board. The boy does not accept. He says that you and my father founded this company. That’s what my dad wanted you to be. Power tells him it will not always be. And that he only trusts her.

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A man enters. His name is Kenan. He is curious what happened. He says to the power, I wish you did not take the discussion so seriously and consult with your brother. A boy named Akin goes and meets another man in the company of his gaze.

Kenan Alki’s son spins, criticized by his father. He tells his son to turn around so much that Uncle Ghodrat leaves everything to Akin.

An old woman named Hajar has come to visit Yain. Elif’s grandmother’s story is told to Aunt Hagar. Does Hagar know anything about his past? He remembers his mother. He says the girl was one of my cousins. I could not take care of him. I could not even bring you to me. He knows what he is not saying. He comforts me and tells me to study so that I can be proud of you. He brought them strawberry jam.

He thinks about going to himself and says that Elias, we have taken the guilt of an innocent child. His father is rich like Qarun, but we went and gave the unfortunate to the orphanage.

Elias tries to convince him not to play with fire. He says if you take him to his bad father, they will make us miserable too.

In the House of Power, a girl is practicing the piano.

A girl and her aunt Gonul enter the house. The girl’s name is Neil. His aunt complains that he did not underestimate Ms. Nawal. She is the current woman of this house.

Nawal, a woman who plays the piano, greets Neil and Gonul. Gonul is Kenan’s wife that we saw in the company.

Yayin does not feel good about his father, whom he does not know, in private. Not because he did not feel like a father to him, but because he left his mother alone.

Dafneh says I want to come to the party too.
Yayin dissuades him. They are getting ready to go to John’s party.

Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)
Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)

No power comes. He sees her power and asks how she is. Apple is the waitress of Hajar’s daughter’s house.

Power calls Akin and says I know John wants to have a party. She is worried about her son’s condition. Akin comforts him.

Gonul and Kenan, on the other hand, argue over their money, family status, and the debts they owe, and we find out that someone named Euphrates has caused them to raise their debts. Now they are in a hurry because their father’s house is in power. They have lost their property except for their cars and have nothing. They do not even have cash.

At home, we see a girl named Damla practicing dance. A teenage girl enters. The news of Akin and John’s party says.

Gonul goes to Nile to think that your fiancé’s party is over and he wants to provoke her. Kenan warns and asks him not to do this.

Naval and power also arrive and now they are happy. A small gonol brings their room to power. Power says you can take the house anywhere. Kenan collects the story.

Eda and Yarn have arrived home together. Ada dreams that this is her love home. Yarn is at the door when Akin and Yarn see each other when the boy is alone when he gets home. Yarn is invited to wait inside the house. The dog comes and Yarn takes Akin by the hand because of his 9-year-old phobia.

It reaches out and breaks into pieces. The fireworks start and the party begins. John, who sees Eda, jumps towards them as Akin takes him to another room and talks to him. He says that he has guaranteed him, why he postponed an important business meeting with the embarrassing monkey emoji and went to work.

Firat is John’s cousin and he is here. Firat closes his eyes. During the dance practice between Ada and Yarn, the etiquette of buying Yarn clothes is determined. Euphrates tries to hit Yaran in the face, but Akin also pays attention to him. While Jan and Ada are in the room and alone, a boy secretly takes pictures of them.

At the same time, the tail of the pool becomes the windshield. Yarn throws him into the pool and, while he himself falls into the water, Akin takes his hand.

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The boy who filmed informs everyone that the main party is over. John is playing a movie! And the image of all their embrace puts them on the screen and everyone sees. As they descend, they become aware of their own scandal and see the images.

Angry, Eda throws the clothes at John. Lower the screen. Akin addresses the cameraman. Akin announces the end of the party and asks Ada to go with her friend.

Akin is convincing John to return to Istanbul. John says Hagar, who came with him to look after his family, saw him on the way to Eda. Akin says they even wore their clothes with etiquette and it is not clear where they came from. It is not clear where they came from. They make trouble for you. On the other hand, John says it was like saying goodbye to a single person. I love Neil and it was not serious. They hear Eda and Yarn. Ada gets angry and wants to open the door, which Yarn regrets. But when Ada goes to change her clothes, Yarn enters the room and empties her heart. “We are not cheap people with expensive clothes,” Ada tells Akin. You are all miserable. Your eyes are so blind that you do not notice anything. In the bedroom, Ada kills John. Yarn, who realizes that this is a theft, should not be arrested. She tries to get it back from him. When he goes to the bedroom to put the clock in place, Akin enters. Turns the clock. He excuses that he is looking for Ada earrings. But Akim pulls out her hair and reveals it. Because his earrings are in his ear. He shakes her hand and takes the watch from her. He accuses her of stealing and brings her contradiction with what she has done so far.

They face each other and draw lines for each other. In the yard, however, they shout in John’s ear and say that this is also a gift to say goodbye to celibacy.

The heel of his shoe breaks when he leaves. Yarn arrives and they leave the house together.

They are on the way back from the bus and people look at them heavily. When they get off, Yarn rebukes him for entering a world to which they do not belong.

At the sanatorium, they find out that the necklace is not Yarn. The necklace we first saw in the series was his mother’s neck when he died. The necklace falls on the lawn of the yard and Akin finds it. Ada is shedding tears on the roof of the dormitory.

He says that no matter how much I argue and try and struggle, I have nothing left to rely on. Ada says you’re just waiting for a miracle instead of trying. If you were arguing, you would take the entrance exam with me. Or you have to find a job. Ada says do not worry about me, I’m tired of your behavior too. That no matter what happens, I’m tired of being a wise, orphaned girl. She cries and says I was born in the trash. After talking about their wounds, they hug each other. Yarn brings biscuits and they eat them. Ada does not intend to study yet.

The manager is scolding for’s sake. The manager asks Eda and AIPAC sends a message. And he says running away from the dormitory, complaining about the guilds, fighting with your friends. What should we do? They show him escape movies. And they say we can not accept such irregularities. You have to pack up right now, you’re moving to a new place. If it weren’t for the third lady, you wouldn’t be able to stay that long. Intention d

Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)
Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)
Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)
Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)
Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)
Gulumse Kaderine Series Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles (S01E01)

Send him to Malatya for help.

Outside the room, Swim asks him not to say anything to Yaren until he takes the test. A little later, Euphrates calls and says, “I have to see you.” During a visit to the cafe, he tells her that your job is ready in Istanbul and that a big house is ready for you to come. He even suggests that he take care of Dafneh, who is ill. The problem is that Yaren will not come if he knows that the Euphrates is going to do him a favor. He is supposed to not understand.

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The morning of the exam arrives.

Dafta also gives Yarn a chance to kiss. Yarn sees parents bringing their daughters to the exam, and she feels the emptiness of her mother’s necklace more.

Upon arrival, he does not have his card in his bag. It’s not what it turns out to be. No more than 10 minutes. He rushes to the dormitory and looks for his entrance card. Yarn collapses. He mourns his own misery. They talk about a life they can have with good houses, with care and burial, and they cry and cry. He hugs Ada and sheds tears. He is breathing. He gets desperate and asks what should we do?

It’s another day. In the house of power, everyone is at the breakfast table. John arrives and says good morning. Power says put on your earrings because you are going to the company. Akin arrives too. Ayesha Gol says that because she wants to work, her morals are broken. Nawal wants Akin to sit down, but Akin wants to go to work.

When he leaves, Damla tells Akin, “Not with me today?” John and Neil and you and I were going to have a tennis match. They have a program for 4 people. Apparently, Damla is looking for Akin.

Neil and John talk on the phone romantically and make an appointment for the night. John repeats to himself that I love Neil. Akin gets in the car. He asks what is this? Yarn necklace. Akin says to reach out. But he says our relationship was completely severed that night.

Gonul speaks on the phone. Kenan is behind the line. He’s asked if there is money in your credit card? ‌ The answer is yes, but do not spend it. Gonul wants to go to the barber shop.

In the kitchen of the mansion, the girl brings Ms. Gonul’s diet. Hagar reviews specific foods and expressions. He tells his daughter to cook. But there is no time to cook all this food. The girl is absent and Hajar does not receive much.

The jeweler has brought his own works for Nawal to choose from. One of them is the extraordinary necklace. Nawal wants to try. Gonul arrives and becomes jealous. Nawal tells him to take a look too, please bring the silver ones. He assures her that if he does not buy something, he will attract attention. He also orders the most expensive one to cover me, which is a diamond.

On the tennis court, when Ayesha Gol falls, Akin stretches out his hand to allow the two to walk together.

At the orphanage, Yarn says he lost his necklace and is about to do bad things, and that he could not take care of a single piece of paper. He has been careful for years and waited for this exam, but he only lost his chance to live. Ada says, “When was our good luck, what do you call a single chance?” This year is not a part, you will try next year. She asks him not to cry anymore and hugs him. Finally, they reassure each other that they will overcome the problems.

Ms. Sweeney Berg is holding Eda’s dismissal and is upset. Dafneh and her friends are also having fun in the older nursing home.

It was morning and the car came to pick them up. Yarn does not know. Ada defines the story. Ada gets angry and tells the manager that I will go myself. Yarn also says that if he goes, I will go too. I will not leave him. After a while, they close their luggage and say goodbye to the children. Dafneh picked up her backpack and came. He wants them to take him with them. They promise to come and see him and take him away.

Eventually, when he leaves, Ada pulls Aipak’s hair and knocks him to the ground. When they go out, Yarn asks where should we go? Ada says let’s go to Istanbul. We will find a job. It is not enough just to be separated.

We return to the day before the exam. We see that Ada, with shame and remorse, took Yarn’s card out of her bag. He is in the toilet and tells himself that I was orphaned once and I can not be orphaned again. If we are both left alone, we will be destroyed.
Next, it burns the test sheet.

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