Haft Serial Part 2

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The prosecutor enters. Earlier he had told himself – Oh God, what a day is this. What a heavy sadness lies on my heart. Moment by moment my father’s words echo in my ears from when he said “Don’t do it”. The times he said “You’re going too fast”. As a soldier you must maintain order first. Getting justice is not your job, leave it to the proper authorities. You went so fast that today arrived. Forgive me Mr. Morteza, today I must stand. It is my duty.

A motion is submitted to the judge requesting the trial be held in private. It is opposed and the court remains public.

Part 2 of the 7-part serial begins.

The prosecutor’s representative is Farzad Saei. Mahlagha Jabari is the lawyer for the defendants. The trial starts in the Revolutionary Court.

We reach minute 7!

Choosing Farzad Hasani as the prosecutor’s representative is good.

The charges are forming an illegal group, making explosives, arson. There is no private plaintiff. Organized crime. Corruption on earth.

Angineh Markarian takes the stand. The judge asks about her familiarity with the Group of Seven.

Ardelan had proposed the idea. It was brought up at a student camp in the north. Ardelan Sellshoar was killed two years ago.

Ali Mosaffa enters and reads a comforting text for his flowers as it’s their bedtime. Later we see he has put on soothing music and is in the pool. His wife comes and says it’s his birthday. He will go pick her up. They speak harshly to each other.

The woman has lots of clothes and Shahrouz is naked in the pool.

The woman is supposed to try to get close to certain people. Shahrouz says invite them here afterwards.

Leila is the lady of the house. Shahrouz had proposed the defendants and now is annoyed that Leila is giving him the details. It seems they are working on creating some special substance.

Shahrouz has sleeping problems and goes to pick up Negin. They secretly emerge from the desert sands.

Group of Seven celebrate Kadhai’s birthday at their van cafe. They talk to Angineh and get close. At the same time they find out there is a program on Friday. Shahrouz says well then we’ll do the rest of it on Friday too.

Shahrouz tries to offer Angineh some chocolates. But ultimately with some contempt says tell Baran to come.

He gets drunk and makes trouble. He also tells Baran to go after Teymour. He drinks lots of water and from afar sees Teymour giving Baran a hard time. In the middle of their talk Baran comes out insisting and eventually a fight breaks out between Ardelan and them. Angineh also faints.

We see Reza Kianian being released from Ghazalhesar prison.

Haft Serial Part 2

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