Haft Serial

A series directed by Kiaresh Asadzadeh, who we have seen before in the home cinema of Khale Sooske and Rhinoceros. He is both the author and director of Haft series.

It has been said that it will be one of the most location series of the Home Show Network, which was filmed in Tehran, Jazirekish and Hondurabi.

Hondurabi is on a route around Kish that can be reached from Lawan and Kish islands.
It seems that we have to wait for spectacular scenes from this part of Iran.

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Pedar Guardiola Serial

The story of the series is about 7 students who fall into the wrong way to earn money. Anil (played by Nazanin Bayati) will play the central role. This series was supposed to be released in 7 episodes, but it has been increased to 15 episodes.

Other actors will include Mina Sadati, Niki Karimi, Haniye Tousli, Babak Hamidian, Amir Jafari, Hadis Miramini, Mehdi Hashemi, Ali Musfa and Reza Kianian.

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