Har Che Badabad Serial Part 1

Amir says that you forgot to pay for the rented cars for some time. Mohsen, the man in front of him, makes excuses.

But his record is clean. They want to pay off the debt in installments.

Osman has come to visit.

From Tahir They get involved. Arranges their appearance.

We see boys and girls sneaking into a place. It is a prison.

The guard noticed the door opening and raised the alarm.

A woman has woken up. A woman is crying.

Two women are talking in a hospital. About Mert, who is in prison. They are worried about him.

His friend says when will you tell Mert the truth about his father?

The sea moves here and there. He says to be sure, it is better to grow up with a lie. he will get mad. Her son thinks she is his sister.

Amir and Yavar are planning in the alley. They talk about caution in their work and also mention the fate of John F. Kennedy.

One finds them. He is a cook and reports to another place. There will be a conflict. One of his companions was shot. He is forced to flee and go by car.

Then we meet Mert in prison. The sea has come to visit him.

بیشتر ببینید:

Amir and his friend’s baby doll…

Amir says go to fame, sell the car. Marry.

Make me halal too. They hug each other.

At that moment, he enters the police station. Everyone knows him and runs away.

He disarms himself.

We see a girl who is getting permission to go to Istanbul.

They see the image of the police department on TV.

A number of prisoners have gathered boys and girls to take them to a minister!

Zuafqar, Malik, Aileen, Mert get to know each other.

When they enter the room, the minister says that they will be released on parole and can study.

Commissioner Songol and the chief interrogate Amir.

He says I want to start a new life. He promises that I will make it very easy to find the mafia bosses. The news of the conflict in the market comes and that 2 people have died.

Aylin has nowhere to go and is homeless. Malik consoles him.

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